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Conscripted Russian soldier immediately surrenders to Ukraine forces. Easy W

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Question? Are the dispensaries in tampa open?


Cant even find gas. Also if anyone knows where that is

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Sunset on the Beach. Acrylic Canvas Art. My Artwork 2022

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A permanent ban will be given to anyone doxxing Paul now.


We all hate the bloke but that is NOT his dads fault and it’s his dad address. Even hinting about where he lives will now result in a permanent ban.

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Debt & Money American Express error charge.


Hi all,

Today I went on the Amex app to pay my full statement £900 and when taking the payment it came up with an error message saying the payment didn’t go through.

I then tried paying again and same error message.

So I went to check on my bank account what was going on and it looks like the payment has gone through twice. Amex didn’t at the time (and still hasn’t) provide any confirmation.

I called both Amex and Barclays. Barclays confirmed the payment has been made twice and Amex hasn’t recognised it.

Issue now: I have bills to pay, including rent and utilities. My current account balance won’t be able to cover it as it is. I am fuming because Amex told me to wait 10 working days for a resolution (potentially sending me money back if they “find” the payment). Long story short: I need this money asap to pay my bills. I will probably have to transfer from my savings (it takes a few days for the transfer though), which I’m not happy about.

It was their system error and I feel they should have handled it better, since it left me in awkward financial position. I have already raised a formal complaint with Amex but is there anything else I can do?

This is in England.

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Mi a teljes neve a hölgynek?

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D2: Titan My Gambit fit

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Need some karma and I promise to upvote you back


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My daily carry for the past year or so… no complaints SOG terminus xr

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I really have found a love for this little guy. Sold design , and actually holds an edge pretty well for a $50-$80 knife.

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Today's Three-Knife-Thursday Carry! 😋

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Karma karma karma karma chameleon


Probably not the original lyric, but you get the point ;)

I’ve got time to kill, so here to upvote all comments of people that return the favour :)

Thanks in advance x

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Grow-Journal mephisto double smile day 76 from sprout

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Question Has anyone checked their emails for their codes?

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‘I can never feel settled’: wait time for key Australian work visa more than doubles

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“Trigger’s built different” Trigger:


This masterpiece of a song is called: Kings And it’s composed by Jose Pavli

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EG2 Any other titles for EG1 fans?


I must say, EG2 is a massive disappointment to me. It was a game I had been waiting for so long. I expected improvements and enhanced gameplay, but what we got feels like a dumbed-down mobile game. It's not a bad game, sure. But things like temperature systems, useless casinos (unless specially built), useless traps, energy generation, and stupid shit like annoying moving things, especially through levels, no mass turn off, tag, or toggle auto rebuild, no feeling of achieved progression...and many other things.

I don't need someone to persuade me into the game. I still try to enjoy it. But sometimes it feels more like a chore than enjoyment.

Do you have other games that could fill the void after evil genius 1? I don't care much about graphics (but I feel it should be better than in dwarf fortress). I never got into dungeon keeper, but maybe I should. Are you able to suggest some titles?

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DISCUSSION What impact did Tiger Woods done to the game of Golf?


Imo, i feel like he defiently changed the game in a way and defiently put golf in the map, like look at golfers pay days, his video games, sky rocketed when he entered and it all started with him, and his iconic tournaments too!

love to see peoples takes/opinions on this!

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📖 Cultura En Persona - Mariana Aymerich (30/09/2022)

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Why is the Trickle down Economic theory so popular among politicians, when the opposite has been known to work historically?


During the Great Depression in late 1920’s and early 1930’s, Keynes suggested inducing artificial demand to jump start an economy that kept going into a negative feedback cycle.

This theory clearly worked when government created infra projects and inserted money into the pockets of low income individuals. This allowed them to have spare income and aspire to have more goods. In turn, the economy restarted and left the depression behind.

Yet, in todays world providing stimulus is considered bad during a recession. Tax breaks to the rich is the standard strategy. Somehow, this is supposed to trickle down to the low income population and restart the economy.

My question is, how can we depart from a well working theory that has been proven in the past? Why the desire to do the polar opposite?

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Episode 1881 Scott Adams PART2: Who Blew Up That Pipeline? Only Trump Can Negotiate Russia/Ukraine Peace?

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Redpill me on Vitalant


I get a lot of calls from them and only gave blood once

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Fan Content Did you see this?? Carter Hart (goalie for philly) and FF!!

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Newly Diagnosed First time- What to ask the doctor?


I got a call the week after a blood test and the receptionist told me I have A1C of 9.3 and glucose of 304 and that I'm diabetic.

When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I asked for a prescription for any APAP/CPAP device, and it was very helpful. What are some diabetic prescriptions I could ask for? CGM might be nice to have in my back pocket.

I'm going to ask about how often I should measure, how many carbs I should aim for per day, and using my glimepiride and metformin prescriptions.

Are there any other specifics I should ask about?

This is important to me because I do not have easy access to doctors, but I'm able to go this weekend.

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ASKHUNGARY Miért fél ennyire a kormány a téltől?


Az oroszok a legnagyobb haverok, folyamatosan szopjak oket, a torok aramlaton jon a gaz akkor is amikor europanak nem. Mindezt figyelembe veve mire ez a nagy elovigyazatossag hogy 18 fok meg hosszabb teliszunet?

Hat kapjuk a haveroktol a gazt egyfolytaban, nem?