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(OC) My dad just watched Salman Rushdie get stabbed. Audience members had to subdue the attacker. Politics

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NY Gov Kathy Hochul says he is alive.

"Hochul commented further on Rushdie’s stabbing, confirming that the author is alive and receiving treatment at a local hospital.

“He’s getting the care he needs,” said Hochul, who also praised a state trooper at the event for saving Rushdie’s life.

The governor also confirmed that the event moderator was also attacked, with the New York state police previously saying that the interviewer sustained a minor head injury."


u/bottleglitch Aug 12 '22

That is good news at least! I’m hopeful that he’ll pull through. Every time I see a headline about the attack my heart sinks for a sec because of the “die” at the end of his name.


u/DukeOfGeek Aug 12 '22

I don't understand why this guy would ever appear in an advertised public performance without at least a security guard present.


u/shalo62 Aug 12 '22

It's been over thirty years without an incident. After a while you tend to relax and think that it will never happen.

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u/fantalemon Aug 12 '22

It definitely seems like a security oversight to say the least. Man's been pretty vocally hated by a large group for a long time now.


u/Matt463789 Aug 12 '22

Is the Fatwah still in effect?


u/Conquestadore Aug 12 '22

Very much so. The current reward for Killing him was recently raised to 3.8 milion dollars. He felt safe enough to walk New York alone with security only present at book signings. Living your entire life in fear of every stranger you meet is hardly a life reckon.


u/fantalemon Aug 12 '22

Yes, although the government in Iran did technically denounce it in the late 90s as part of their attempt to restore diplomatic relations with the UK.


u/Traveledfarwestward Aug 12 '22


In February 1997, Ayatollah Hasan Sane'i, leader of the bonyad panzdah-e khordad (Fifteenth of Khordad Foundation), reported that the blood money offered by the foundation for the assassination of Rushdie would be increased from $2 million to $2.5 million.[78] Then a semi-official religious foundation in Iran increased the reward it had offered for the killing of Rushdie from $2.8 million to $3.3 million.[79]

In November 2015, former Indian minister P. Chidambaram acknowledged that banning The Satanic Verses was wrong.[80][81] In 1998, Iran's former president Mohammad Khatami proclaimed the fatwa "finished"; but it has never been officially lifted, and in fact has been reiterated several times by Ali Khamenei and other religious officials. Yet more money was added to the bounty in February 2016.[82]


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u/Code_Monkeeyz Aug 12 '22

Except it was reaffirmed by Iranian leadership as being valid as late as 2017.


u/DarseZ Aug 12 '22

Even if it was 'stopped' officially, it wouldn't necessarily stop some fanatics from attempting to carry it out anyway.


u/lordkhuzdul Aug 12 '22

Iran's fatwa is just the most well-known bit. If I have to guess, the attack is probably more motivated by the money offered by the various overly-wealthy fundie nutcases in various countries.

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u/HeyIJustSaid Aug 12 '22

The #2 said it “could” be revoked and then the #1 said no. The #2 ended up in charge but never tried to go against the original ruling. BBC news was just discussing this exact moment on air.

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u/razorduc Aug 12 '22

Thin skin and pettiness are the leading indicators of dictators across all cultures. I’m sure it’s still in effect.


u/34ac Aug 12 '22

See that episode of curb?


u/learninboutnature Aug 12 '22

Larry David voice fatwa!!!!

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u/gnrc Aug 12 '22

I'm out of the loop. Who hates him and why?


u/fantalemon Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

His most famous novel, The Satanic Verses, was seen by some Muslims as containing a blasphemous depiction of the prophet Muhammad. In condemnation of the book, the Supreme Leader of Iran at the time of its release issued a Fatwa that called for Muslims to assassinate him. As far as I know that order is technically still in place, although I think the current Iranian government have somewhat distanced themselves from it - it's never been revoked though and I think Iran have said it won't be.

A lot of his other works are also controversial for their inferred portrayals of various religions or groups, but it's a pretty safe bet that it's related to The Satanic Verses.


u/iwishihadnobones Aug 12 '22

In addition, a semi-official Iranian religious group has raised more than $3m to be awarded to whoever kills him.

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u/Your_Fan_Shran Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

Just adding that the book and fatwa were like 45 years ago. So the attacker is most likely a member of the Pepperidge Farm Jihad

Edit: 34 years. Math is hard.


u/fantalemon Aug 12 '22

Yeah they've really held onto it.


u/WeNeedToTalkAboutMe Aug 12 '22

Reminds me of an old Doonesbury strip:

CIA Agent: "We're coming up to our contact's house."

Allied Iraqi Officer: "No! I know this man! He is Sunni scum! A member of his family killed a member of mine!"

CIA Agent: "What? When?"

Allied Iraqi Oficer: "1526."

CIA Agent: "What is wrong with you people?!"


u/BennyBenasty Aug 12 '22

Do you happen to have a link to this one? I tried searching for it, but no luck.

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u/plumbthumbs Aug 12 '22

okay, so you got me to google 'Pepperidge Farm Jihad.

aside from getting placed on an FBI watch list, i wasn't able to get a definition of this.

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u/Muted_Shoulder Aug 12 '22

If I remember correctly according to the religious law the Fatwa can be removed only by the one who announced it. Khomeini is dead so no one can cancel it.

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u/Gravelsack Aug 12 '22

His most famous novel, The Satanic Verses, was seen by some Muslims as containing a blasphemous depiction of the prophet Muhammad

The thing about The Satanic Verses that a lot of people don't appreciate is that despite its title, it is a comedy. The whole book is rather hilarious.

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u/hanky1979 Aug 12 '22

Hitoshi Igarashi was murdered for translating it into Japanese


u/Teasing_Pink Aug 12 '22

I'm sure all the people that hate Rushdie have actually read the book, and aren't just blindly following the hatred of someone else who has almost certainly not actually read the book either, right?

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u/SuppleSuplicant Aug 12 '22

I just looked at Wikipedia for that; "The publication of The Satanic Verses in September 1988 caused immediate controversy in the Islamic world because of what was seen by some to be an irreverent depiction of Muhammad."

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u/RevengencerAlf Aug 12 '22

He's accepted security in varying degrees at various times I think depending on the subjective threat level at that time but in general he's taken a very not afraid/will not be silenced stance and I think his approach to that involves avoiding security when there's no specific to the moment threat.

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u/themanebeat Aug 12 '22

I saw him talk at a local book festival a few years ago with no security at all. Giant of a man, with no fear, I hope he pulls through

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u/the_geek_mind Aug 12 '22

Any idea why was he stabbed?


u/phatelectribe Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22 Helpful Hugz Narwhal Salute

Rushdie authored a book called The Satanic Verses which depicts a thinly veiled Prophet Mohammed, who amongst other things is depicted having a dream about prostitutes.

It was condemned by Muslims as blasphemy, but then the Ayatollah of Iran at the time decided to publicize it and issued a fatwah (aka religious bear) against Rushdie and he had to go in the hiding for decades.

It had more or less blown over and while not completely safe, Rushdie could go out in public in western countries.

EDIT: lol, Thanks for the award. The typo stays


u/Cultjam Aug 12 '22

Also made the book much more successful than it was going to be.


u/phatelectribe Aug 12 '22

Yeah, I think that was also by design as the Ayatollah wanted a religious war (not bear) to strengthen his position too.


u/RivalFarmGang Aug 12 '22

I imagine there will be a surge in interest in The Satanic Verses in the wake of this attack. These zealots aren't exactly doing themselves any favors.


u/Chemical-Studio1576 Aug 12 '22

Exactly, a whole new generation of curious readers will buy it.


u/phatelectribe Aug 12 '22

They are. They need an enemy to rally the fervor which is exactly why the ayatollah singled him out and that had more to do with relapsing his profile and cause rather than wanting Rushdie punished.

They’re also trying to hang on to the mechanism of not allowing any kind of mockery or ever reproduction of religious characters, because the moment you allow that, you dilute the power, and religion is all about power .


u/KernalSanders138 Aug 12 '22 Silver

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 9, Episode 10


u/GinsuVictim Aug 12 '22

Also part of the subplot of the Seinfeld episode "The Implant," s4e19.


u/Sence Aug 12 '22

Salbass Jerry!


u/Pomelo-Designer Aug 12 '22

Bass Jerry! Instead of Salmon he went with Bass!!

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u/PunchyPalooka Aug 12 '22

At least he was only stabbed. Can you imagine what would have happened if the religious bear had gotten to him?


u/indi_n0rd Aug 12 '22

Poster forgot to mention the part where other people connected to this book died or injured. Japanese scholar who translated it was murdered. Norwegian translator was shot three times and spent several months in hospital. Another was almost killed by a firebomb in hotel targetting him which claimed 37 lives.


u/phatelectribe Aug 12 '22

True, they’ve attacked anyone associated with the book. Religion is terrified of being diluted.

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u/orus Aug 12 '22

It was banned in India, so was one of the first books I bought when I left. LOL


u/andrusbaun Aug 12 '22

It was quite boring to be honest. Anyone willing to kill the author is a mindless, brainwashed minion.

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u/andrusbaun Aug 12 '22

The Satanic Verses are a mildly interesting book. Rest assured that it contains nothing what could defend any harsher reactions and criticism. Of course if you are not a caveman.

"People" who are willing to kill for it are unstable minions.

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u/shpydar Aug 12 '22

Many Muslims accused Rushdie of blasphemy or unbelief and in 1989 the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran issued a fatwa ordering Muslims to kill Rushdie. Numerous killings, attempted killings, and bombings resulted in response to the novel.



u/[deleted] Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22



u/Farmer771122 Aug 12 '22

which I would imagine results in lots of believers.

Relevant Oglaf (totally SFW, but if you click around to other comics on the site you'll see a lot of NSFW stuff)

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u/weaselbass Aug 12 '22

I'm going to guess religious nut job.


u/cyrixlord Aug 12 '22

I'll take 'religious nutjobs' for $500, alex

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u/Ididitall4thegnocchi Aug 12 '22

The religion of peace

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u/shebang_bin_bash Aug 12 '22

A number of Muslims, including the former supreme leader of Iran, thought his book “The Satanic Verses” contained a blasphemous depiction of Muhammad and his early followers. A bounty was placed in his head and he had to live in hiding for a number of years.

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u/PM_ME_JAR_JAR_NUDES Aug 12 '22

Any idea why was he stabbed?

Rushdie has been highly critical of religion. There is a fatwa out on him, which is sort of like a spicy religious bounty, but instead of money, it's the promise of an instant pass into heaven.


u/iSOBigD Aug 12 '22

Cool so they got an in with God and you get a free pass after murder? Nice.


u/LordRobin------RM Aug 12 '22

Curiously, God has always been fine with murdering the enemies of whomever is representing Him on Earth at the time. At least, that’s what those representatives have always said, and such pious entities would never lie!


u/NicksAunt Aug 12 '22

I think there is the pass to heaven, and there was also a cash bounty of like $3mil I think? Idk if that bounty still stands, but it’s not as if his would be killer would likely get away to collect on it anyway.

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u/BlinkReanimated Aug 12 '22

There's a very real $3m bounty on his head for writing a book which the mere mention of can send fundamentalist Muslims into a literal rage, even though most admittedly have never and will never read it...

The book ironically enough includes a fairly progressive and entirely human depiction of Muhammed, a well reasoned person (nothing like the Charlie Hebdo comics, which were intentionally offensive in nature). But those who blindly follow their leaders have heard it's blasphemy so that's enough.

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u/cmgrayson Aug 12 '22

A fatwa. It’s about 40 years old.


u/whiskeyvacation Aug 12 '22

One of the best "Curb you Enthusiasm" seasons was about Fatwa sex, and featured Salman Rushdie in an eisode.


u/sensitivemore Aug 12 '22

I think you are referring to Sal Bass.

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u/kryptomicron Aug 12 '22

Check his Wikipedia page and read about the controversy around his book "The Satanic Verses".

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u/elpaco313 Aug 12 '22

This happened at the Chautauqua Institute. The average age there is like 72.5 years old.


u/rawker86 Aug 12 '22

It certainly looks that way judging by the picture.


u/Popxorcist Aug 12 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy

This is actually a video. That's just how slow they move.


u/Kep0a Aug 12 '22

Had a chuckle

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u/Hippopotamidaes Aug 12 '22

Chautauqua Institution? I’ve been once, yes lots of old people.


u/thescrounger Aug 12 '22

Not many people can attend an author's speaking engagement in the middle of a weekday unless they are retired.


u/zmny Aug 12 '22

a summer Friday at a scenic vacation town

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u/lazysheepdog716 Aug 12 '22

Holy shit. I had a friend growing up who had a family house there and spent a couple weekends there. Such a purposefully beautiful and idyllic place in my recollection.


u/thunder-thumbs Aug 12 '22

Wow, at Chautauqua?!?! That’s going to make a huge, huge impact in that community. That’s the sort of place where you still let your children run around unsupervised.


u/lavahot Aug 12 '22 Silver Bravo! Table Slap

Well yeah, because your children are in their 50s.


u/fuglinPA Aug 12 '22

Oh that just made me actually laugh out loud...I grew up 15 minutes from here and damn, if this statement isn't factual. Retirement town, both my hometown and Chautauqua.

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u/TarechichiLover Aug 12 '22

Oh the chortle this gave me.

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u/orm518 Aug 12 '22

It’s not like this is a random act of violence the community needs to be afraid of. This guy has literally had a death bounty on his head for 30 years.

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u/LordOfCastamerde Aug 12 '22

It wasn't random. He has had a fatwa for assassination on him for 30 years. It really shouldn't have any impact on the community, unless they have unusually large numbers of citizens with additional fatwas.


u/il1k3c3r34l Aug 12 '22

Larry David should stay away

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u/nametakenfan Aug 12 '22

I am continually surprised about how often I find out about the news from Reddit, especially posts from eyewitness accounts


u/[deleted] Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/DMMMOM Aug 12 '22

Fuck that sub, not worth your time.


u/DumbledoresGay69 Aug 12 '22

Honestly yeah. I got banned for posting an article about some Catholic priests raping children.

Reddit needs to do something about this censorship, power tipping mods have too much power.


u/Slow_Mangos Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

Wait until you hear that only about 6 to 8 mods control a great majority of the traffic on the site because they all moderate the super subreddits like r/news.

And by "great majority" I'm talking in the millions when it comes to engagement on this site. All in the hands of less than 10 people.


u/Muscleguy36 Aug 12 '22

Reminds me of the days of Digg. It fell for exactly the same reason. I see more and more astroturfing on reddit too. I have to stay completely out of the major subs for this reason.


u/QEIIs_ghost Aug 12 '22

Reddit has confirmed that their are active Iranian agents on Reddit. Iran has a hit on this guy and a history of assassination attempts in western countries. I wounder how much the Irainians pay /r/news mods.


u/ghost501 Aug 12 '22

Mr. Babyman or something like that. I remember eventually being like why is every post from him and why does he moderate like damn near everything.

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u/[deleted] Aug 12 '22


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u/2a0c40 Aug 12 '22

I’m sure they’re deriving no material benefit from this whatsoever. Entirely altruistic and the purest of motives.

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u/[deleted] Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/xrumrunnrx Aug 12 '22

I'm at least three layers out of the loop on this entire thing and I'm not sure I have it in me to research.

I've become disillusioned with...basically everything except my cat. And sometimes she's too much.

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u/Lausiv_Edisn Aug 12 '22

Might be because you're on Reddit and not any other news site


u/Rdbjiy53wsvjo7 Aug 12 '22

I get app notifications from my local news station, NBC, and New York Times. For big news, like this, I typically get a notification within 5-10 minutes, Reddit usually takes longer because it has to get to the front page of a sub I happen to subscribe to.

All 3 alerted to this story this morning within minutes of each other.

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u/teacherstevew Aug 12 '22 Helpful Wholesome Hugz Take My Energy Narwhal Salute Rocket Like

I used to own a bookstore in California. I received at least 6 death threats because I sold Rushdie’s book. Those were followed by 3 bomb threats that made me close my doors for several days. I didn’t back down. When it hit the local news I got a lot of support. Their attempt at censorship made that book a bestseller for me. I ran an ad in our local paper that said “Free People Read Books, Free People Buy Books, Free People Sell Books!” Fuck censorship!


u/KingShaniqua Aug 12 '22 Wholesome

Sorry your dad had to see that. I hope Rushdie is ok.

I remember being an edgy teenager in the library and finding The Satanic Verses and thinking “oh boy I’ll be a real cool edgy guy for reading this.” Imagine my surprise and confusion, but I read it anyways. Made me learn a lot about a culture that I normally wouldn’t have been exposed to as a teenage dirt bag in small town Texas.

Then I read midnight’s children, and then I learned about Arabian Nights and read that.

Rushdie and Steinbeck . . . Both had the same effect on me.


u/Accomplished-Pin-835 Aug 12 '22

Dude, I get it. I was worse for wear one day because of college and lack of sleep. I couldnt find a book to do a paper on that was both outlawed and still considered controversial within a 50 year span that wasnt already picked out by another student. I called my dad to ask about it, because at the class I needed a physical copy and my only freaking bookshop at the time refused anything too "controversial". My dad went on a complete talk about the personal history he had with this book when he was in law school. The controversy, fatwah, everything, he got a side view as he read it. I picked it up and did my paper on it. I will never regret picking up the book and listening to my dad's stories about his experiences as I started my own experiences reading it.

Reading it should be a top priority for any avid reader. It's an experience. I may not love the writing style, it may drag on some times, I may have been utterly sleep deprived amd dont remember half of that time in my life, but it still sticks with you.


u/KingShaniqua Aug 12 '22

I unintentionally became an avid reader. After high school, college (that I dropped out of) turned me into a non fiction/pop sci reader, but I found my way back to fiction around the time my dad passed.

I guess maybe it’s a coping mechanism, equal parts escapism and distraction.


u/Accomplished-Pin-835 Aug 12 '22

Fiction is... reality covered in a blanket. It helps you see things in a different light. May not be a coping mechanism, but maturity thing. May be a copung mechanism that grows you in ways you never thought you needed to. As I grow older, the more infind myself going back to fairytale, fiction, and myths. Something about it just feels like a natural progression.

Sorry about your dad's passing, btw.


u/KingShaniqua Aug 12 '22

Thank you, it’s been almost 10 years since.

The reading gives my mind something to chew on. It helps me sleep. My mind picks up what I’m reading, and works it over, as I kinda slip out the back door and head off to bed. It’s cheaper than therapy.


u/Accomplished-Pin-835 Aug 12 '22

On that I can agree. It's still a difficult road at times and a good book is always welcome. Good luck on finding a next best book.


u/Mumbaibrat Aug 12 '22

Man, Midnight’s Children is a masterpiece.


u/KingShaniqua Aug 12 '22

Definitely a great way to learn about British colonial India. In my high school we “learned” all we needed to know about British Colonial India by watching Richard Attenborough’s “Gandhi.” So there was quite a knowledge gap to fill.

And before you ask, yes, part of our Holocaust education was watching Schindler’s List, and yes, education in Texas was that bad.


u/GraniteTaco Aug 12 '22

part of our Holocaust education was watching Schindler’s List

I mean, let's be frank, Texas could have made this a lot weirder/worse.


u/KingShaniqua Aug 12 '22

Because of the new “anti CRT” law in Texas. . . The superintendent of South Lake seriously proposed that teachers teach “both sides” of the Holocaust.

“Both sides” of the Holocaust.


u/nik-nak333 Aug 12 '22

I'm morbidly curious what the other side of the holocaust is to these people. Is it outright denial that it happened? Is it taking an anti-semitic stance and agreeing with the nazis? Like, what the fuck happened to us as a nation that you and I are having THIS conversation?


u/KingShaniqua Aug 12 '22

I think it was to appease denialist. IIRC, the superintendent had mentioned it because as soon as the bill passed, a parent group raised the concern, thus making the topic “controversial” as the bill mentions.

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u/kid-karma Aug 12 '22

"Of course it's tragic that six million innocent Jews were systematically annihilated, however..."

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u/doodlesock Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

I'm about a third of the way through it. Picked it up because I'm reading the top 100 novels of all time (as selected by the Modern Library) in reverse order and Midnight's Children clocks in at #90. Was having a VERY hard time getting through it but this convo has given me just what I needed to keep going.

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u/awaybaltimore410 Aug 12 '22

What's it about?


u/KingShaniqua Aug 12 '22

It’s about British Colonial India. It’s a pretty unique story.

Rushdie has this magical realism, that I love. Which is weird. I hate fantasy novels, but I’ll inhale science fiction and magical realism.

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u/Nac82 Aug 12 '22

As a Texan raised person, I too am thankful for authors.

I would have never grown beyond my simple bigotry if it weren't for the perspective provided by reading.

Now I think I need to read some of the books you have mentioned due to the shared experience and knowing these books saved somebody.


u/jilseng4 Aug 12 '22

Texan and homeschooled by Evangelical parents here. Public libraries and books saved me as well.

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u/phonz1851 Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

Spoke at my sister's graduation. Warned of the ways religion can be used for evil. While standing in front of the theology students. Also in the deep south. This was not appreciated by most people

Edit To be clearer, this was an all school assembly and it seemed the theology students mostly thought it was funny. Rushdie himself made a joke about it. Heard a lot of complaints coming from the rest of the audience though

He was a visiting professor that semester at the school of theology I believe, so they were aware of what they were getting into. My understanding was fhe theology school was pretty liberal


u/Msdamgoode Aug 12 '22

You’d think as theologians they’d understand that position better than almost anyone. History is full of examples, with a variety of religions.


u/phonz1851 Aug 12 '22

It was mostly the parents that were upset. Rushdie himself was a visiting professor at the school of theology. It was at the general all school graduation too


u/Kevgongiveit2ya Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 19 '22

Went I was a teenager I had a manager that was a gay agnostic majoring in theology. Which sounded weird but he liked the idea of theology like we think of mythology. And wanted to be a professor. Which I thought was cool. I actually didn’t know he was gay until a coworker mentioned it. Then the lime green button up shirt with pink tie and his stories about being a cheerleader made all sense. 16 year old me had some bad gaydar.


u/Msdamgoode Aug 12 '22

It’s also rich in history. Knowing what was believed and who was pushing what denomination is fascinating, from a purely historical perspective. When you look at the history of religions it’s very clear how political it all is.


u/Randomcommenter550 Aug 12 '22

B-b-but OUR religion could NEVER be used for evil! Only those OTHER religions!!


u/YelloBird Aug 12 '22

Isn't is strange how the religion you were born into always happens to be the right one?

-- George Carlin


u/ic_engineer Aug 12 '22

That's not how we practice __, they've corrupted ___.

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u/SweetAlyssumm Aug 12 '22

It should have been deeply appreciated. Anyone promulgating religion needs to understand what they are doing, including risks.

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u/TheVoters Aug 12 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome Table Slap

The entire controversy over the satanic verses; whether or not the prophet Muhammad could have been influenced by the devil in his divine inspiration, is like comic book nerds arguing who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman.


u/dryphtyr Aug 12 '22 Silver Table Slap

Does Muhammed get prep time?


u/sgt_backpack Aug 12 '22

Goku & Jesus vs Muhammed & Superman. Fight takes place at six flags in jersey.


u/D1rtyH1ppy Aug 12 '22

What time of day and weather conditions?


u/HotPie_ Aug 12 '22

Weehawken, dawn.


u/project_valient Aug 12 '22

Everything's legal in New Jersey.

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u/Pithius Aug 12 '22

Is Satan weilding any type of projectile weapon?


u/latencia Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

He was actually a Holy Knight before the class change, so I presume only spears and swords.

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u/rumour53 Aug 12 '22

Exactly. Like if I say Harry Potter was actually the evil one and not Voldemort and some edgy teenager comes up the stage and stabs me. How dumb would that be.


u/barto5 Aug 12 '22

Almost as dumb as what happened here.


u/kravdem Aug 12 '22

The biggest difference is you wouldn't have a Harry Potter superfan making a proclamation calling on other Potter fans to kill you and offering an initial bounty of $1m.

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u/Elocai Aug 12 '22

I would say Batman would be laser eyed by Superman to death from a distance of 5 planets

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u/lilfoxy16 Aug 12 '22

Can anyone help explain who he is / why someone attacked him / what viewpoint is so volatile to provoke an murder attempt?


u/Noggin-a-Floggin Aug 12 '22 Silver Helpful

He is an author who wrote a book in 1988 (The Satanic Verses) that basically asked if it was possible that Muhammad could have been inspired by the devil in his divine inspiration. It thus has a depiction of Muhammad that was considered blasphemous by Muslims.

Imagine the South Park Muhammad controversy but several magnitudes worse. It not only caused mass riots in the late 80s but Iran (under the leader that led the 1979 Revolution) issued a fatwa on him. Basically that’s a bounty for his death that caused him to go into hiding and witness protection.

Iran walked back the bounty in 1998 but it’s kept around by people who are still pissed at Rushdie. The author has become a free speech advocate who gives talks every now and again. He is still under British government protection and continues to write novels.

We don’t have the details yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if the attacker was one acting on the controversy. It’s been almost 35 years now but the fact he’s still in protection speaks volumes.


u/Hollayo Aug 12 '22

Simple version, back in the 80s he wrote a book that the religious leader of Iran (and many others) didn't like so they issued a death warrant for him in 1989 (called a fatwa). They've never retracted it.

The book is considered controversial in some religious circles.


u/kravdem Aug 12 '22

They also offered an initial bounty of $1m that has been increased over the years to over $3m.


u/nav17 Aug 12 '22 I'll Drink to That

When religious bounties keep up with inflation better than wages...


u/BootAmongShoes Aug 12 '22 Ally

At least something has kept up with inflation. /s


u/mr_tyler_durden Aug 12 '22

$1,000,000 in 1988 dollars would be $2,504,446.32 today so it’s even outpaced inflation.


u/BootAmongShoes Aug 12 '22

A real raise after adjusting for inflation. My word.


u/buddascrayon Aug 12 '22

Remove the /s, this is fucking truth.

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u/AnArabFromLondon Aug 12 '22

Just want to clarify that fatwas are any ruling made an Islamic scholar, they're not all death warrants lol. I've just learned there's one against smoking here lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fatwas

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u/Screamtime Aug 12 '22
  1. He wrote a book that's considered critical of some Islamic teaching.
  2. He wrote a book that's considered critical of some Islamic teaching.
  3. He wrote a book that's considered critical of some Islamic teaching.


u/FuckTheFruitFly Aug 12 '22

Oh. So basically, he wrote a book that's considered critical of some Islamic teaching.


u/Fuduzan Aug 12 '22

Well technically he wrote a book that's considered critical of some Islamic teaching.


u/Thundorius Aug 12 '22

But that’s just another way of saying he wrote a book that’s considered critical of some Islamic teaching.

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u/nav17 Aug 12 '22

ACKCHYUALLY he wrote a book that's considered critical of some Islamic teaching.

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u/SkyPork Aug 12 '22

How old is he now? Did a religious zealot fuckwit think he's still doing some kind of irreparable harm to the world?


u/zed857 Aug 12 '22


u/dsdsds Aug 12 '22

And a $3.3 million bounty.


u/WornInShoes Aug 12 '22


A “ semi-official Iranian religious foundation” increased the reward for Rushdie’s killing to $3.3 million from $2.7 million to in 2012, according to the AP, though at the time the author said there was “no evidence” of anyone seeking it. In 2016, Iranian state-run media organizations contributed $600,000 to the bounty.

so they bumped it up in 2016; I would def say Iran still openly supports the fatwa


u/Dhiox Aug 12 '22

Imagine your country wasting 3 million dollars to murder an elderly author who did literally nothing wrong.


u/curious_dead Aug 12 '22

So they hoped some guy would be like, "You know what, 2.7 million$, that's not enough, but at 3.3 million, you got a deal"? I guess if you're asking for a department's or project's budget, but risking your life in taking someone else's...


u/-KFBR392 Aug 12 '22

Unlike minimum wage fatwa bounties account for inflation.

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u/Vaulters Aug 12 '22

So I guess Forbes is the place to go to get the latest on the posted bounties.


u/born_again_tim Aug 12 '22

Cad Bane: “I’m listening, brother”


u/deadlybydsgn Aug 12 '22

The best bounties, business, and gaming news you can get without a paywall!

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u/PakHajiF4ll0ut Aug 12 '22

Another info, he wrote "The Satanic Verses", a fictional novel about migration, metamorphosis, divided selves, love, death, London and Bombay. But the story is very close to the story of Islam.

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u/BehaveRight Aug 12 '22 Wholesome



u/rhaegor09 Aug 12 '22

I can hear Larry David’s voice


u/roastbrief Aug 12 '22

Lol, the bit with him and Jeff Garlin on the phone.

Larry: "What the fuck?"

Jeff: "What the fuck is right!"

Larry: "AAAAAAAH!"

Jeff: "You got a fatwa!"

Larry: "I got a fatwa!"

It's a top-ten moment in the entire run of the show.


u/canadarepubliclives Aug 12 '22

We never got to see the musical :(

At least Larry got some Palestinian chicken and banged the hot chicken lady.



u/mouse6502 Aug 12 '22

you occupying FUCK

occupy THIS.. Labe.. son of NAT

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u/cugameswilliam Aug 12 '22

Man I hope he enjoyed all the Fatwa sex!

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u/JWOLFBEARD Aug 12 '22

You can feel the slowest rush to aid in this picture


u/B-Town-MusicMan Aug 12 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

We can’t bust heads like we used to but we have our ways. One trick is to tell them stories that don’t go anywhere like the time I caught the ferry over to Shelbyville. I needed a new heel for my shoe, so I decided to go to Morganville which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So, I tied an onion to my belt which was the style at the time...


u/AndThisGuyPeedOnIt Aug 12 '22

Gimme five bees for a quarter.


u/Snuffy1717 Aug 12 '22

"We had to say "dickety" cause that Kaiser had stolen our word "twenty""

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u/NorthenLeigonare Aug 12 '22

I love when they made grandpa Simpson be elon musk or something with AI.

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u/48ozs Aug 12 '22

Way to minimize the bravery…

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u/campoanywhere Aug 12 '22

From (family friend) who was at the college Rushdie just got attacked -

“My friend was in second row- guy knock into two elderly people- rushed Salmon and stabbed him with 6-8 in blade. My friend is doctor, offered help. Said he saw 3-4 stab wounds happen. Now we were at playground with kids and police swarmed playground looking for bomb. We hightailed out of place”


u/Bobaou814 Aug 12 '22

The Chautauqua Institute is not a college, but a community of rich old people.

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u/jholla_albologne Aug 12 '22

Imagine having a 35 year old grudge against a writer. Religious nuts are such snowflakes. The Ayatollah is a big pussy anyway.

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u/KyaHaiBae Aug 12 '22

Fuck jihadis man

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u/Ratmatazz Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22 Take My Energy

People need to calm down about their various fanfics and stop proving how backwards they are.

I joke in saying fanfic but I don’t care if you’re religious or not; this garbage behavior proves why religion looks more and more incompatible within a modern society each time it happens.

All people like this attacker do is prove their fragility.

If what I have said offends you, re-examine why it makes you upset. It probably has to do with organized religion and not your relationship with religion personally.

If you think things like what happened today are okay or acceptable or you treat them as just an outlier please re-evaluate your stance on organized religion.

Similar behaviors have been encouraged or pushed by people in positions of power in many organized religions over and over with no sign of slowing down.

The common factor of all of these is almost always due to an organized religion or similar cult like group creating the person who commits these things.

Seek truth how you see fit but leave those who are trying to figure things out in another way out of it. Science and secular/non-religious society isn’t your enemy: the ones afraid of those things are.

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u/Flashgit76 Aug 12 '22

If your religion is worth killing for then please, start with yourself.


u/ahtasva Aug 12 '22

Rushdie is also a great proponent of free speech and of rigorously debating even idea that have been accepted as conventional wisdom.

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u/Murkus Aug 12 '22

Is Rushdie ok!??

Do we know anything?

Jesus fucking Christ. What kind of animal stabs a man over criticising ideas!? Absolute fucking animal.


u/youzerVT71 Aug 12 '22

Stabbed in the neck, airlifted to hospital, condition unknown as of seven minutes ago

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u/Heiferoni Aug 12 '22

What kind of animal stabs a man over criticising ideas!?

A person who is highly motivated by his religious beliefs.


u/TheDarkGoblin39 Aug 12 '22

Or who wants to collect a $3 million bounty


u/PackageintheMaleBox Aug 12 '22

A bounty put up by people highly motivated by religious beliefs.

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u/1MolassesIsALotOfAss Aug 12 '22

Hmm, guess I have to check out his work, if extremists are calling for your head you may be doing something right.


u/franklydearmy Aug 12 '22

Ayatollah assahola


u/DrawMeAMapMama Aug 12 '22

And for the man who has everything, a tie rack motor!

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u/Cat_Sand_Milkshake Aug 12 '22

Hey. I had that T shirt.

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u/Machiavelli1480 Aug 12 '22

I wonder who did it....


u/medallions Aug 12 '22

Obviously, an Irish Catholic nun.


u/born_again_tim Aug 12 '22

Der always after our lucky charms

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u/Degen-King Aug 12 '22

Is this the guy from the Curb your Enthusiasm with the hit on him storyline in real life?


u/EineEintracht Aug 12 '22

This is what that season was referring to yes.


u/[deleted] Aug 12 '22

Rushdie must have balls of steel to still go out knowing a whole bunch of wackos are out to kill him at any given time for like 30 years straight.