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Cat Picture Does anyone just look at your cat being a cat, and suddenly you're overwhelmed with the fact that 12-20 years with them isn't nearly enough time? Currently holding a confused boy with some tears, he's only 1 but I just love him so much it hurts 😭😭😭

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Cat Picture First time cat owner here ... do cats every let you sleep in past 5am?! she's about 4 months old, she will grow out of it, right ?! right?!? She has dry food available at all times. It's not a hunger thing!

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Cat Picture New cat owner. Any advice?

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Cat Picture Old Man is inside for Hurricane Ian. He made his way to my bedroom and lives under the bed. Now I have a semi feral who's in recovery who won't come out. He's so stressed. Not sure what to do, but it's better this way right? 🤷‍♀️

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Cat Picture Please wish Puss Puss a happy 13th birthday 🥰

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Cat Picture neighborhood stray on my patio furniture

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Cat Picture My old man turned 21 last week, I'm so overwhelmed to have had him with me so long

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Cat Picture I rescued a kitten from a bus engine a week ago, and here’s his update!

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As you asked, I’m making this update of the kitten I picked up from a bus engine. After a week of care, love and visits to the vet, he’s doing great!

I took it to the vet after I picked him up, and he told me he was sick, but fine. He has ringworm, conjunctivitis, an infection in his ears, fleas, and an intestinal parasite, nothing serious with the right treatment.

So here we are! When I picked him, I didn’t know if I could keep it… but that small criminal conquered my heart and I officially adopted him days ago!

His name is Cal, and he’s about 2.5 months old. He’s currently sleeping in one of my bathrooms because of the ringworm, but I assure you he’s not missing love, cares and toys.

Thank you everyone for your support and advices in that last post!

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Cat Picture I saw her yesterday and this morning on the way to get my morning coffee she was in the same place, she is totally blind, after eating and a long nap she let me clean her eyes and spray her for fleas. I am keeping her separate until the infection is all cleared up. Guess I have 6 cats now 👍🌱

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Cat Picture sometimes I’m deeply convinced he’s actually a human in a cat body

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Cat Picture Got my handsome little man a harness today 💙

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Cat Picture The best part of coming home is getting greeted by the door

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Cat Picture Received my cat, Chandni, for my 10th birthday. I turned 30 yesterday, so we celebrated 20 years together <3

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Cat Picture Why does my cat, whom I’ve had for 10 years, lick my baby? He doesn’t lick my older 2 kids (4 & 6yo), but I can’t get him to stop licking my baby.

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Cat Picture Another gift from my cat..

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Cat Picture My car loves sitting on my upper chest for some reason. Anyone else’s do the same?

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Cat Picture Is this fat?

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Cat Picture Surprise!

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Cat Picture what bread is my cat?

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Cat Picture Tiny steak dinner for my kitty. Does anyone else make their cats unseasoned versions of whatever they’re eating as a treat?

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Cat Picture describe the cat in one word

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Cat Picture She’s 14, has terminal cancer, and just discovered the fireplace. I think her final months will be the best she’s ever had.

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Cat Picture I will be adopting this special needs kitty soon. Any tips for a deaf cat?

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Cat Picture Heard a noise in the kitchen whilst sat reading. I don’t own a cat.

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Cat Picture Found this feral cat and her four kittens at my job’s parking lot. It’s 106 degrees Fahrenheit (41.111 Celsius) how do I get her to drink water? She’s constantly breathing heavily and overly aggressive when I reach her. She at least eats the food I give her though.

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