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Discussion Announcement: 'Name my cat/kitten' submissions now require verification


Howdy cat lovers!

In our constant battle with spam campaigns on /r/cats, we have identified that 'name my cat/kitten' submissions have frequently been abused by karma farming bots.

Some of you will remember the tshirt/poster spam campaign that was active up until a few months ago. Through tireless work and automod wizardry, we managed to combat the spam so effectively - that the spammers retreated and are yet to return.

We continue to remain vigilant and adapt as needed - today we have added a 12th rule to /r/cats:

12. 'Name my cat/kitten' posts are allowed, but require the correct flair + verification to ensure OC.

You must set the flair of your post to 'Name Request' at the time of submission, failing to do so is in breach of this rule.

Please submit your post before sending us a modmail - your submission will trigger an automated message which will contain the instructions required for your post to be approved.

Your verification message will be left unanswered if you send us a modmail before you have submitted your post for us to review.

Our verification procedure will involve taking a picture of your cat/kitten alongside a slip of paper with your username. In theory, this will drastically reduce the potential for bots to karma farm such content. This procedure requires you to submit your post first, after which you will immediately receive a message with verification instructions.

The mod team and I will carefully monitor the effectiveness of this system, and encourage you to reach out to us if you face any technical issues.

We remain committed to ensuring that /r/cats continues to be a sub that millions of you enjoy across the globe, and we welcome any suggestions or thoughts you may have in upholding this value.

Best wishes, /r/cats mod team

p.s, did you know you can set your user flair to that of your kitties breed? Check the sidebar!

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Advice We adopted 6yo Gimli into our Fellowship last Sunday, as no one wanted him because of his age. Any recommendations on how to get an older cat settled into his furever home?

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Video Cap Cat

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r/cats 2h ago Wholesome

Video How do you like such a goalkeeper? In my opinion, he is not bad at it 😊

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r/cats 3h ago

Video Policeman knocks on British Prime Minister's door to let cat in while it rains

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r/cats 3h ago

Humor Just came home from work to two eager cats (and a rottweiler)

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r/cats 18h ago Faith In Humanity Restored Helpful

Cat Picture like father like son!

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guess which is which

r/cats 14h ago Take My Power Hugz Tearing Up Helpful Wholesome

Mourning/Loss I miss my boy. He died of cancer today.

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r/cats 6h ago

Video Under the new cashier rule, only deposits are allowed!

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r/cats 12h ago Take My Energy Helpful

Advice This cutie got her eyes removed today, any tips for raising a blind kitten?

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r/cats 1d ago Gold Silver Faith In Humanity Restored Take My Energy LOVE! Helpful Wholesome Wholesome Seal of Approval Heartwarming

Cat Picture Old Man is inside for Hurricane Ian. He made his way to my bedroom and lives under the bed. Now I have a semi feral who's in recovery who won't come out. He's so stressed. Not sure what to do, but it's better this way right? 🤷‍♀️

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r/cats 5h ago

Video Anyone know why my cat does this?

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r/cats 16h ago

Cat Picture This is Pixar, she seems to know when I’m down and does something silly to make me laugh.

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r/cats 22h ago Ally Heartwarming

Medical Questions I found this sweet little guy on the side of the road and he’s starving. What should I give him? I’m taking him to the vet tomorrow.

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r/cats 1d ago Timeless Beauty Wholesome Helpful Hugz Silver Heartwarming

Adoption Say hello to muffin 👋😸

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r/cats 14h ago

Cat Picture Guess who turned 1 today!

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r/cats 17h ago Helpful Wholesome

Cat Picture My beautiful little boy escaped this morning and has been missing for over twelve hours. Please, send me good wishes, or if you’re religious, please send prayers that he will come back. I miss him so much

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r/cats 22h ago

Advice Should this be an album cover or just another cat picture?

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r/cats 10h ago

Cat Picture Hi! 😛 Meet our kitten!

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r/cats 19h ago Wholesome Silver

Mourning/Loss Charlie’s brother passed away about a year ago and I painted a memorial picture of him. Charlie finally found it and cannot stop looking at it; I think he knows who it is <3

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r/cats 6h ago

Cat Picture I have found the picture that sums up my cats whole personality.

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He looking at me like “what”

r/cats 20h ago

Cat Picture Thor’s been staring up like this for a few minutes now and there’s nothing up there..

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r/cats 4h ago

Video It's getting cold in Sweden, so Tiger needs his blanket to feel cozy

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r/cats 10h ago

Mourning/Loss Lost my boys Bean and Pako to a viral infection. Been visiting the vet daily since last week. Couldn’t save them. I’m sorry my babies. I tried my best.

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r/cats 6h ago Wholesome

Cat Picture She's a Lady.

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r/cats 7h ago

Advice Help me out guys, I have no experience in parenting.

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