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Open Thread [General Discussion] Around the Horn - 9/29/22


So what's this thread for?

  • Discussion of yesterday's games
  • Excitement for today's games
  • General questions
  • Mildly interesting facts
  • Praising Santa 🎅
  • Anything else worth sharing/asking that doesn't warrant its own post

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Thursday's Games

Away Score Home Score Status National
KC DET 1:10
CWS MIN 1:10
BAL BOS 1:35
PHI CHC 2:20
TB CLE 6:10
MIA MIL 7:40
OAK LAA 9:38
LAD SD 9:40
TEX SEA 9:40
COL SF 9:45

Game Thread. All game times are Eastern. Updated 9/29 at 12:35 PM Yesterday's ATH

This Week's Schedule (all times Eastern)

Day Feature
Sunday 9/25 Game Thread: ESPN Sunday Night Baseball - Red Sox @ Yankees - 7:08 PM ET
Monday 9/26 RBaseball Weekly Episode 91 - Mets/Braves Preview w/ /u/Mazzocchi - Albert Makes History
r/baseball Power Rankings Week 25
Tuesday 9/27 r/baseball Players of the Week
Wednesday 9/28 Wednesday Meta-Thread: Feedback Needed - 2022: The Rules in Review
Thursday 9/29 Division Discussion Thread: The Easts
Friday 9/30 [Friday Complaint Thread
Saturday 10/1 No Sub Features Planned

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There Are No Stupid Questions Thread


Got a question about baseball you've been meaning to ask, but were afraid of looking dumb? Not in here! Our esteemed and friendly panel of experts will be happy to help.

Please consider this a "Serious" thread in that we ask all top-level comments to be earnest questions, and all responses to be legitimate answers to the question by someone who knows what they're talking about; it's fine to joke around within this framework otherwise.

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Video Aaron Judge hits home run #61, tying Roger Maris for most homers in a single season in the AL!

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Joey Gallo: 0-4, 4 Ks, 8 men left on tonight [Fabian Ardaya | The Athletic]

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Judge and Stanton have a toast after Judge hits #61

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With the Dodgers win over the Padres tonight, they make 107 wins on the season and reach a franchise record


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Image Since SNY tweeted this image in December 2020: J.T. Realmuto: 119 wRC+, 10.7 fWAR (first in baseball). James McCann: 72 wRC+, 0.7 fWAR.

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[Hoch] Aaron Judge's 61st HR was caught by Blue Jays bullpen coach Matt Buschmann, per @juliackreuz

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Video Escobar walks off the Marlins in the 10th to go a game up on the Braves!

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Video Aaron Judge giving his historic No. 61 HR ball to his mom, Mrs. Patty Judge

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Video The reaction of the fans who just missed Judge’s 61 homer ball

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Video Jays Fans Get to Cole as He Performs One of the Most Obvious Balks Ever, Runner on Third Would Score a Few Pitches Later

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News Roger Maris Jr.: Aaron Judge on verge of becoming 'the actual single-season home run champ'

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Video Mike Trout hits home run #38 on the season!

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Background on Michael Kay’s “this could be it” call of Judge’s 61st home run: it was the same call as Phil Rizzuto’s for Maris’ 61st

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Miguel Cabrera hit homerun #507 (5th of the year) last night | With a new President of Baseball Ops and rumors spreading about retiring/buyout it could end up being his final HR of his MLB Career.

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Video Eduardo Escobar delivers a post game interview of the year candidate after his 5 RBI night

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Video Miguel Cabrera passes Carl Yastrzemski on the all-time RBI list with a 2 Run Homer giving him 1845 Career RBIs.

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The Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox have been eliminated from playoff contention


Both teams currently have 7 games remaining with an identical 76-79 record. Four of their remaining 7 games are against each other. If one of the teams were to win out, they would have a record of 83-79. The Mariners currently have 84 wins, meaning neither team can catch them.

Also, the Toronto Blue Jays can clinch a playoff berth with an Orioles loss tomorrow. The Tampa Bay Rays can clinch a playoff berth with a win AND an Orioles loss tomorrow. The Mariners can clinch a playoff berth as early as Friday night. The Orioles lose the tiebreaker against the Rays and Mariners, and could win the tiebreaker against the Blue Jays if they win 2 out of 3 in their season ending series.

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Video CJ Abrams walks off the Braves in the 10th inning!

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Image Roger Maris billboard in Fargo, ND

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[Mike Puma] Mets were willing to move today’s game to 4 p.m. and then play tomorrow night in Atlanta, ahead of the weather. The Braves declined.

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[Hoch] Anthony Rizzo will be guest managing today’s game as Aaron Boone’s understudy. Rizzo helped Boone fill out the lineup card and he’ll be consulted on strategy.

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Nestor Cortes Jr. makes the call to the bullpen

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[Bowman] The latest forecasts indicate rain will not be an issue during this weekend's Mets-Braves series at Truist Park

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Video [Pitching Ninja] Dick Mountain, Filthy 73mph Curveball.

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[Would it Dong] Aaron Judge vs Tim Mayza Home Run 💣 Exit velo: 117.4 mph Launch angle: 22 deg Proj. distance: 394 ft This would have been a home run in 29/30 MLB ballparks. Only Oriole Park at Camden Yards would've held this one in.

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