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Cop Flips Out On Guy During Traffic Stop 👮Arrest Freakout

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u/taez358 Aug 12 '22 Starry

Damn this cop is whack. Man got his feelings hurt over the truth. The cop was being a dick from the start and the minute the passenger called him out on it, he wants to be all high and mighty. People who lose their composure that fast should not be allowed to be an officer.


u/drawnred Aug 12 '22

You'd have to have composure to lose it


u/lbs4lbs Aug 13 '22

You can hear his voice cracking hes such a pussy and he knows hes in the wrong but he just cant stand to lose an ounce of face in the whole ordeal. What a gigantic asshole. America is fucked.


u/LurkingSpike Aug 13 '22

His voice is so funny. Like a frog hitting puberty. Or what a bunny shaking and quaking from fear would sound like.

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u/dmfd1234 Aug 12 '22

The reason the cop escalated, imo, wasn’t small dick complex, steroids, bad family life, etc etc. It was because he was WRONG about pulling them over and went apeshit defending his actions. Dude was wrong and didn’t like anybody keeping him honest. Fuck this guy


u/MelMac5 Aug 13 '22

This was what started it for this whack job.

In my professional life, I get told I'm wrong 50 times a day. Sometimes I'm right but sometimes not. Each time, I take a chance to reflect on how I could have avoided it. Essentially, DO BETTER.

I can't fathom going off on anyone and keeping my job. And I don't carry a gun.

Standards need to be higher. One look at this video shows an unhinged individual, liable to snap and injure (or kill) anyone without warning.

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u/tristanraewhite Aug 12 '22

The way he laughed in his face was HILARIOUS


u/Successful_Impact22 Aug 12 '22

dude literally. because he knew this was absolute bullshit


u/BeautifulMinimum8216 Aug 13 '22 edited Aug 13 '22

Did you say bullshit?



u/ExiledCanuck Aug 13 '22

Say bad word? Straight to jail

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u/tristanraewhite Aug 13 '22

Hahaha I love seeing tyrant cops getting owned. It’s priceless


u/The_real_tiny_tom Aug 13 '22

That laugh was the sound of lawsuit laughter.


u/blaze980 Aug 13 '22

I have a mugshot of me grinning like a maniac. They tried to get me to not smile, I was like "I can't, I'm suing you".

I won.


u/Kraden_McFillion Aug 13 '22

Can't leave it there, blaze, give us the tale!


u/Ralph--Hinkley Aug 13 '22

He's gonna leave us all hanging.

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u/SquareNuts112 Aug 12 '22

This dude had a bunch of updates on his YouTube channel but i forgot what the name was.

He really pressed to get this fucking loser cop fired.


u/NothingButEnemies Aug 13 '22

I can't believe its even a debate that this cop should be fired. Whatever cop thinks this cop shouldnt be fired, should be fired also. Just ridiculous.


u/UserOrWhateverFuck_U Aug 13 '22

The cops are a gang above the law, very hard to see them get justice.

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u/Material-Salad-9212 Aug 13 '22

I think he should be fired for being a dumb ass. If this guy was a threat did anyone notice his wife was standing right behind the officer as he put husband in car. Could have been a dead officer for not watching his back if she had a weapon

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u/Love-Goat Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

Whoa!! That maniac has a badge and gun!?


u/sincerelyhated Aug 12 '22

You'd be surprised how easy it is to obtain those things after a joke of physical and mental tests in the academy. Becoming a cop is the easiest thing in the world. Don't let them fool you. Any idiot can do it.


u/Scream_N_Chickenlips Aug 12 '22

My grandfather used to say, if you can't find a job, you could always be a dogcatcher or a cop. LOL!


u/ComprehendReading Aug 13 '22

Animal control has higher standards than the PD.

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u/buttmunchausenface Aug 12 '22

First off the guy didn't say a threat and uh super dangerous to pit a guy in your car with out searching him !?!?!


u/JPepski Aug 12 '22

super dangerous to pit a guy in your car with out searching him !?!?!

Twice. The cop puts him in the back of his car twice before the guy TELLS THE COP that he has a gun the cop should take.

Then the cop uses the excuse of the gun the guy just voluntarily gave up as part of the reasons he is arresting him 🙄


u/willreignsomnipotent Aug 13 '22

Good thing he was dealing with an honest citizen and not an actual threat.

And the guy was 100% right. it's attitudes / cops like this who make things more dangerous for themselves, because of their fragile little egos and little temper tantrums...

like the anger that caused this idiot to make a false arrest 2x within minutes, and attempt to place a guy he hasn't even searched into the back of his car... twice.

He was in a real rush to lock this guy up, and make him uncomfortable sitting in the back of that car...


u/bethemanwithaplan Aug 13 '22

At least this is a cool payout for the citizen here


u/AND_THE_L0RD_SAID Aug 13 '22

Doesn't look like it. The guy is still fighting the case and it's costing them a lot of money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YWex-YJOts


u/AngiOGraham Aug 13 '22

He is so terrified of his job. The way he overreacted then “remembered” everything completely wrong makes me wonder if he’s from an abusive home. Dude majorly needs therapy and should really consider (or be helped to consider) a change of career.

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u/pauly13771377 Aug 13 '22

It appears the cop was talked off the ledge when backup arrived and descelated the situation where the two cops are talking to the guy after he was let out the back of the truck and about to be sent on his way. Immediately after some perceived slight he goes off the rails again claiming his life was threatened.

I don't know if it's the type of training they receive or it's because police work has a tendency to attract this type if person. The one who wants to be charge, wants respect earned or not, wants power over others. In the US the police academy can give you all that in a little over 7 months and pay you to do it.

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u/trapper2530 Aug 12 '22

Also still didn't search him or take his gun until.the guy reminded him to before putting him in the back.

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u/jiujitsucam Aug 12 '22

And uncuff him and not have control of his hand. The cop uncuffed him and just let him move his hand around. 🤦‍♂️ Obviously the cop was the dangerous one in this scenario, but that's so shitty policing. How are American cops so poorly trained?


u/Blackboard_Monitor Aug 12 '22

Poorly trained?

Pffh! They have WEEKS of training!


u/JPepski Aug 13 '22

They're trained that they are the law, and they can find things to apply to the situation later to make them look justified.

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u/pjkeoki Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 13 '22

Good lord. All he said was “oh bullshit” and the cop thinks that’s enough to arrest him for disorderly conduct, while in his own car. Ridiculous.


u/BeautifulMinimum8216 Aug 13 '22

I was looking for this in the comments. I can't believe nobody else said this. He literally said "bullshit". How the fuck is that anywhere near any reason for arresting??? It blows my mind. One word and you could be shot and killed by a road raging cop having a bad day power trip. It's so unreal.


u/IllTenaciousTortoise Aug 13 '22 edited Aug 13 '22

I got pulled over by a kid whom I sped (no more than 71/72) in a 65 up in the right line next to an on ramp to allow him to merge behind me for better traffic flow and he pulled me over for speeding.

My natural response when he appeared at the window was, "Bro, I let you in. What are you doing?"

He looked like he wasn't even old enough to drink and was rolling in a highway patrol vehicle.

He gave me a warning and thankfully he didnt bother asking my undocumented BIL for his ID. I would have told him no anyway because he is a passenger and completely irrelevant to this current investigation.

I got a warning.

I told bro to drive safe.

Fuck this "sir" shit. You have done nothing to earn my respect, especially when it is really about obedience and submission.

Edit: If you ain't walking to my doors wearing nylons and sexy ass heels I ain't submitting without a gun to my head.

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u/2Pac-X Aug 12 '22

What an easy lawsuit.


u/Cease-2-Desist Aug 12 '22

Absolutely. That's a civil rights violation.


u/2Pac-X Aug 12 '22

Oh totally, over and over again.


u/Cease-2-Desist Aug 12 '22

The cop even acknowledges he said, “people like you are why cops get hurt” directly after telling them I hope you are safe. That in no way constitutes a threat, and the firearm is irrelevant.

PS I can’t find anything on this but if both videos were released the legal matter has likely been settled. I’d be curious to know if anyone finds it.


u/SarpedonWasFramed Aug 12 '22

So far the cop was suspended, then let back with no charges. Now supposedly some other organization is looking into it. Which means they're waiting for people to forget and then drop the case again

Someone further in the thread linked the local news story


u/gleep23 Aug 13 '22

So far the cop was suspended, then let back with no charges.

Surprised! /s

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u/56seconds Aug 12 '22

Waiting for this to show up on Audit the Audit


u/zprayy Aug 13 '22 Silver Gold Helpful

he covered this incident a while ago here


u/torrentfox Aug 13 '22 edited Aug 13 '22

Wow, there is a lot more content in the original video. It gets even more ridiculous.

Direct quote of the officer: "YER GETTING CITED FOR 795 DALLERSS"

Guy: "For what crime"

Officer: "For the way you were acting."

It's like they put a police uniform on a 10 year old and told them to just wing it.


u/Jonas-McJameaon Aug 13 '22

American cops are a fucking joke. I’m sorry, it’s true. This shit is beyond ridiculous.

What other job can you do this and not get fired?

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u/bluegreenwookie Aug 13 '22

He has weeks or training under his belt of course he's qualified!

Also to be clear /s

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u/DoomedKiblets Aug 13 '22

Money, its the only thing people need taken for accountability of any sort...

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u/isabelladangelo Aug 12 '22


u/crypticfreak Aug 13 '22

And then reinstated. Currently a third party is investigation which typically means they're waiting for public interest to die down... and it will.

He'll be back to being a huge back of shit in no time. I get people make mistakes but this is mistakes with peoples freedom. Even if I was trying to protect my cop buddies I'd want this guy gone. Holy fuck he's trouble.


u/isabelladangelo Aug 13 '22

And then reinstated. Currently a third party is investigation which typically means they're waiting for public interest to die down... and it will.

Do you have the link for that?

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u/Coindoge69 Aug 13 '22

So he got a paid vacation; I don’t understand why cops still get paid when they are suspended.

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u/kpeterson159 Aug 12 '22

Yeah, but how long is that going to take? 1-3 years?

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u/ajsur1017 Aug 12 '22

Me: Watches video, gets pissed, clicks comments section, sees this comment, realizes this... Also me: Damn, that dude is lucky as hell.


u/Archangel3d Aug 12 '22

He'll be lucky as hell if the rest of thee cops don't harass him in the coming months and years.


u/captain_croco Aug 12 '22

Kinda sounded like he was from out of town. “Headed south” and “going to meet granddaughter”.

I really hope harassment doesn’t cross departments but I have no idea.

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u/nebulaphi Aug 12 '22 Silver

Hes the exact reason people dont like cops. You gunna go on a power trip and say im arrested just to unarrest me and arrest me again for the same thing you just unarrested me for like mf has like roid rage or something going on.


u/analogWeapon Aug 12 '22

Hes the exact reason people dont like cops.



u/YobaiYamete Aug 13 '22

Officer was suspended at least, but it's ridiculous more didn't happen to him. He 100% does NOT need to be in a position of power ever again


u/Crow6714 Aug 13 '22

He definitely needs a psych evaluation. Dude sounded like he was in the verge of a mental breakdown for absolutely no reason


u/TheCaliforniaOp Aug 13 '22

My husband and I were driving my mom back somewhere…I forget. He suddenly zipped off the freeway., then decided to get back on the freeway. A cop pulled us over (forget whether he was a Sheriff or HP) and then he just started screaming and froth was flying out of his mouth. His pupils were huge…I thought that was going to be it for us, in a minivan. Then my mom sat forward, acting tired and wanting to be taken home and I think that’s what made him let us go with no repercussions…not empathy but the logical ramifications of three people with unknown people expecting them.

It was scary. We weren’t doing anything wrong. He was annoyed that we’d exited and re-entered the freeway.

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u/BuddhaLicker Aug 13 '22

Seems he got fired and they started a petition to have him reinstated but it didn’t go so well if you read the responses.



u/bacon_is_just_okay Aug 13 '22

LOL someone called his supervisor a "milquetoast," I hope he sees that. That's a burn from which no one can ever recover.


u/heypal11 Aug 13 '22

Thank god I’ve never been called a milquetoast. Just the thought of it makes me afraid of getting out of bed.

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u/J-sullied Aug 13 '22

Haha👉 Carlos, you dummy. Carlos the douche bag cop who got fired for being a reckless fucker, I hope you read this ya bitch


u/Ok-Preference-1958 Aug 13 '22

Officer Carlos is a cunt.


u/CMDR_Squashface Aug 13 '22

I laughed thinking of how exhausted the sheriff's office must have been if this one is true,


"Officer Carlos is in trouble. I phoned the sheriff office because it's impossible to get thru to Adaire PD. The sheriff deputy said their phone is ringing off the hook with complaints about Officer Carlos."

Also, his name is Adulfo and I couldn't help but think it looks like a lot like his parents named him after a different terrible person...

Edit: accidentally quoted the comment and it appeared in a weird spot for some reason, deleted it

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u/DagestaniFrank Aug 12 '22

You can hear when he calls into dispatch : "Hater Hater to 801 do you copy"


u/DagestaniFrank Aug 12 '22

Sighs Go ahead Hater Hater...

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u/DaKind28 Aug 12 '22

This guy remind me an unfunny Favre from super troopers. Fucking power tripping asshole.

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u/SideTraKd Aug 13 '22

"I hope you're safe"



u/007Pistolero Aug 13 '22


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u/xDANGRZONEx Aug 13 '22

I thought I heard "he's the exact reason cops get hurt."

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u/NuclearFunyon07 Aug 12 '22

He said “you are the reason cops get hurt”

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u/johnwayne2413 Aug 12 '22 Silver

When normal people have a bad day, they might break a pencil in half.

When a cop has a bad day, they might kill someone.


u/cashedashes Aug 12 '22

Or just choose to ruin someone's life because of their bad day. Judges can fall into this category as well I think.


u/nul42 Aug 13 '22

This plays like a comedy routine. This cop should quit and become a clown. He missed his true calling.

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u/Sadatori Aug 13 '22 edited Aug 13 '22

I’m trying to find the source but a couple studies showed that judges hand out harsher sentences /punishments for similar crimes depending on how close they are to lunch (hangry) or how long of a day it’s been.

Edit: found the sources and it turns out the content of the studies is heavily debated and mostly proven wrong now days. Study was in 2011 and a few counter studies have since presented conflicting evidence. Still seems to just mostly be luck of the draw in the type of person you get as a judge overall vs time of day


u/cashedashes Aug 13 '22

I totally believe that. One time I was unfortunately in court for a sentencing trial a good few years ago and every single person that went in front of the judge that morning went to jail including myself. It was a fuckin MONDAY morning! If you go to sentencing first thing Monday morning be ready to go to jail.

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u/flaviuscrispus Aug 13 '22

Even on a good day they could plant drugs on you.

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u/FrostyD7 Aug 12 '22

Both of them are. One with the power trip, the other wouldn't dare cross the thin blue line and put his peer in check. His partner didn't say shit because he knew how wrong it was but you can't stay police if you don't let it slide.


u/oldguydrinkingbeer Aug 12 '22

No shit. Why #2 doesn't just pull #1 aside at some point and say "Ummm dude... That wasn't a threat. Just say you misheard him, let him go and you and I and they can go about the day. You realize the paperwork we're gonna have? Dude... I gotta a BBQ to get to right after work. Tell you what, kick this guy loose and first beer's on me."

Because I, sure as shit, would have said that.


u/Brook420 Aug 12 '22

Which is why you're way over qualified.


u/[deleted] Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 27 '22


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u/silverdevilboy Aug 12 '22

Because if you do that you get pushed out of the police force for not being a team player. Or for not gelling with the culture of the department.

Cops who hold other cops accountable for their mistakes or actions aren't welcome in the police force in the USA.


u/Jahbroni Aug 12 '22

Because if you do that you get pushed out of the police force for not being a team player.

It doesn't stop there. Police will harass your family on a daily basis, pull them over for bullshit infractions and perform unnecessary welfare checks in the middle of the night while they're sleeping. There were multiple LEOs in my ex's family and they openly bragged about punishing "traitor" cops and their loved ones.


u/SockGnome Aug 13 '22


The police are just a state sanctioned gang.

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u/Frekavichk Aug 13 '22

Kicked out of the police force?

You mean they'll baker act you and fuck your home up? Ask adrian schoolcraft about what happens to good cops.

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u/helgur Aug 12 '22

Serious small dick energy oozing from that cop. Jeez.


u/SillyCyban Aug 12 '22

His voice would crack every time he got triggered into 'power trip mode.'


u/JackBauerSaidSo Aug 12 '22

Escalating like that is dangerous, reminds me of the video of the road rage soldier/corpsman bashing against a pickup and losing his mind.

This cop's attitude combined with a badge and gun is terrifying.


u/JarlaxleForPresident Aug 13 '22

Which is EXACTLY what the dude was warning about. Not threatening, just saying hey your attitude is way overblown and it’s gonna lead you to dangerous situations

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u/ThonThaddeo Aug 12 '22

So angry you're on the verge of tears. That's like some PTSD type shit

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u/xXWaspXx Aug 12 '22

guy's wildly insecure


u/johnwayne2413 Aug 12 '22

guy's unstable AF - he has a gun and a license to kill?


u/GBJI Aug 12 '22

Even better: qualified immunity.

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u/LordTuranian Aug 12 '22

You better not say that around him though otherwise "tHaT's a FeLoNy!"


u/troubadorkk Aug 12 '22

His voice was cracking too. Fresh out of highschool it sounds like.

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u/Dinosar-DNA Aug 12 '22

All cops have this and then go home and beat their wife because they can’t get it up.

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u/DeathInSpace805 Aug 12 '22

Wife forgot his gogurt in his lunch.


u/a-hippobear Aug 12 '22

He’ll beat her ass for it when he gets home.

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u/HunterI64 Aug 12 '22

This is yet another clear example of a cop escalating the situation when they are suppose to be deescalating.

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u/LykosTheBlazing Aug 12 '22

Is it just me or does the officer sound a little shaken? Like not scared but more as if the comments hurt his feelings/ego? Seems to me the officer is young and too immature to be armed. Personally seeing an officer act in such a way would immediately make me uncomfortable.


u/MafiaMommaBruno Aug 13 '22

It's a feeling when you get hysterical or frustrated from something. I get it when I'm arguing with stupid customers (am in management) and your voice will start to break after awhile from frustration. It's a really strange feeling. And usually your heart races and your blood pressure rises.

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u/[deleted] Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22 Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Coin Gift Starry Masterpiece

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Over_the_line_ Aug 12 '22

That’s probably why the video is being circulated, it was made evidence for a lawsuit and the cops couldn’t hide it anymore. But I have zero idea.


u/Traditional_Moment49 Aug 12 '22

Oh as soon as the guy getting arrested started laughing at the "you're being arrested for disorderly conduct" thing, I knew he was already thinking about suing. Then it just got WAY out of hand, they are definitely suing.


u/NotANormalPrick Aug 12 '22

There's also plenty of case law saying that cops can't be the "victim" of a disorderly conduct. They need a lay witness to say that they were alarmed and disturbed by whatever the defendant did.


u/[deleted] Aug 13 '22 edited Aug 19 '22


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u/chenyu768 Aug 12 '22

Anytime you see a cop body cam online its because there was a lawsuit. That shit aint exactly open source.


u/GreyCrowDownTheLane Aug 12 '22 Silver Gold

But it fucking should be.

Body cams should be on the ENTIRE TIME a cop's on duty. They should not be able to turn them off (and if they're worried about bathroom privacy, they can just train themselves not to point it at their junk when they're having a piss). The footage should be sent to a third-party server that is managed by people who have no connection to law enforcement or police unions, and overseen by a board of attorneys selected from the various firms in the pertinent county.

Footage should be available to any law firm that represents any person who is defending themselves from police action or bringing a lawsuit against police for their actions while on duty without having to jump through hoops or fight the police on release of the footage. The police should of course also have access for purposes of legal defense and making a case against those they arrested.

Right now, they're a gang that plays by their own rules and answers to no one but other cops. They SHOULD be public servants who serve at our pleasure, have NO unions, and can be dismissed for any conduct that would get them fired or arrested in any other job. If they don't like that arrangement, they can go dig fucking ditches or work at McDonald's.

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u/Cease-2-Desist Aug 12 '22

Typically videos that are released like this were put together by the defendants legal defense. So it's possible this issue has already been settled so they were free to release the video. This is about 1-1/2 years ago according to the time stamp on the video.


u/freiheitfitness Aug 13 '22

It’s not been settled, it hasn’t even started yet actually.

Really the only thing that’s happened so far is the cities lawyer quit. See here- https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/44234964/Everman_et_al_v_Board_of_Trustees_of_the_Town_of_Adair_et_al

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u/pdxphreek Aug 13 '22

I remember when the video got released, it feels like longer than a year and a half. These last few years have been wild...

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u/bmc1969 Aug 12 '22

Plus, all he said was "Bullshit!" the first time he was cuffed. I'm no lawyer, but this does sound like a civil rights violation.


u/Tickle_My_Butthole_ Aug 12 '22

Supreme court has reaffirmed the right to swear at the police as protected under the 1st amendment Many many many many many times as this is a recurring issues where police arrest someone for calling them a fucking dumbass and they arrest them cause their feelings got hurt.

It's ridiculous how many cops are ignorant of established law and precedents.

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u/odiumodious Aug 12 '22

sounds like the cop is a pathetic fucking loser who gets offended over the tinest shit ever, he trys to blame the dude and says he beats his wife? I’m 99% sure this scumhole cop beats his

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u/amphoterism Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

Lawsuit is still on going according to court filings pacer link, Oklahoma Northern District Court" https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/44234964/Everman_et_al_v_Board_of_Trustees_of_the_Town_of_Adair_et_al)

Edit: Jury Trial set for 3/20/2023 at 09:15 AM before Judge Claire V Eagan) (RGG, Chambers)

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u/DaftHacker Aug 12 '22

I quite a true statement too with how that officer conducts himself.

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u/dhawk64 Aug 12 '22

Guy sounded like he was about to start crying the whole time. He doesn't have the temperament to even be a librarian.


u/Rocky_Road_To_Dublin Aug 12 '22

Don't fucking group librarians with cops - Librarians are actual heroes and role models.


u/dhawk64 Aug 12 '22

In all sincerity, I can remember multiple librarians who improved my life.

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u/oderint-dum-metuant Aug 12 '22

He was right though... Cops like this is why people call them pigs


u/IrishLive Aug 12 '22

Such fragile egos.

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u/watersmokerr Aug 12 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Notice how the other cop there didn't do anything to stop his buddy?

They're all trash.


u/brazilliandanny Aug 12 '22

You could tell from his body language he knew his partner was overreacting.


u/watersmokerr Aug 12 '22

And if push comes to shove, he'll still defend him. He'll be there in court to testify for his buddy.

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u/JustAbicuspidRoot Aug 12 '22

This is why i agree with the victim in this video, these bad cops are why none of us are sad when "The good ones" get shot.

Want Sympathy? Don't be power-tripping pricks.

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u/Revfunky Aug 12 '22 Starry Helpful (Pro)

Don't talk to the cops.


u/STANAGs Aug 12 '22

I really want to be this guy, but as I keep seeing all these videos online of escalating interactions with police, I can't help but notice that their fragile egos are not used to anything other than complete compliance.

I worry I'm going to catch the wrong one and then it's "StOp ReSiStInG!!!!!" followed by a lengthy legal battle to clear my name and record, all cause of a speeding ticket.

I fully support STFU Friday, but as someone who hasn't even spoken to a cop in 10 years or more, I think I might choke under pressure.


u/nelsonblaha Aug 12 '22

a lengthy legal battle to clear my name and record

If you survive.



u/STANAGs Aug 12 '22



u/nelsonblaha Aug 13 '22

Did I mention I have a gun?

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u/Ol_Hlckory Aug 12 '22


Happy STFU Friday


u/drinks_rootbeer Aug 12 '22

Shut The Fuck Up. Then ask for an attorney


u/TheToastyWesterosi Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

Yup. And when you are invoking your right to remain silent, make sure you clearly articulate that: “I am invoking my right to remain silent and any further communication will be through my attorney.” Then you shut the fuck up.

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u/Kakugen_ Aug 12 '22

"You guys are why cops get hurt"

The cops mind: HE clearly threathened me with his gun,better just walk up to him with no gun drawn and wait till he gets out of the car on his own to Arrest him.

But like for real,if he felt threathened why is he so chill? No gun drawn just walking up to someone Who "threathened" him and has a gun. If that cop Really would have felt threathened he would have atleast drawn his Pistol. But no his Ego got hurt and he decides to show whos "Boss" in this Situation,and with boss i mean goverment foundet Terrorist.


u/mindrier Aug 12 '22

He didn't even know he had a gun at that point, he's too mad to remember procedure from the first time he "arrested" him.

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u/Turf-Defender Aug 12 '22

This cops voice is literally cracking. hes a boy. no reason he should be a police officer.

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u/theguiser Aug 12 '22

Such a baby.


u/DavidWtube Aug 12 '22

This is why "Disorderly Conduct" shouldn't be a crime. It's a blanket charge that can send anyone to jail for anything. Cop has no crime to charge you with? Guess again.

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u/clsetbiguy Aug 12 '22

I hope that cop loses his job but it probably won't happen.


u/FroggyUnzipped Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 13 '22

His name is Officer Carlos, he works for Adair police department.

I found this thread that says he was suspended. This thread has the guy talking a bit about the resolution, says all “charges” were dropped.

So yeah he probably took a few days of unpaid leave and went right back to being a piece of shit


u/heck_is_other_people Aug 12 '22

Some of his community support the tyrantic officer it seems


u/FroggyUnzipped Aug 12 '22

Read the comments on that petition lol

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u/Villian_187 Aug 12 '22

Probably would get suspended with pay


u/holyshocker Aug 12 '22

He did pending investigation. Both officers are defendants in the case filed in April of this year. Not sure if it's "pending" until this court case resolves or not lmao that'd be a 2 year paid vacation.


u/Spade_011 Aug 12 '22

Only if someone died

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u/ExistingAwareness128 Aug 12 '22

1st Amendment, he is allowed to speak.

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u/evanhill510 Aug 12 '22

For the love of god please someone find a news article where this POS got fired, or find the department and this officers name to file a complaint. Total power trip and god complex by a miserable little man.


u/erfhos Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22 Starry

So this incident took place last year March in Oklahoma. Police department of Adair said (through facebook, but that post is now deleted) that they fired suspended the cop after videos of the incident were posted on Youtube…

Edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/byebyejob/comments/ni61yy/adair_police_suspends_officer_after_video_of/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf (now deleted page and post of the police dept)


u/_cansir Aug 12 '22

Lmao so the department only fired him because his conduct was on social media?


u/cozyroof Aug 12 '22

They only care once it's a PR issue it seems.

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u/kingdorner Aug 12 '22

Have you ever seen a department fire someone for anything that wasn't viral on social media? I'm not even being sarcastic, it never happens for any other reason than to save face.


u/mondaymoderate Aug 12 '22

Chauvin would have gotten away with murder if the incident wasn’t recorded and uploaded to the internet.


u/skytomorrownow Aug 12 '22

Which is why they are trying to change the law in Arizona to make it easy for them to arrest you for filming them for 'interference'.

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u/bigchicago04 Aug 12 '22

The guy has a YouTube page (kdjpro), but he hasn’t posted in a year. He said the police chief drove to his house to return his gun, but he didn’t really say anything else other than he’s filing a complaint and foia request.

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u/SilverMedalss Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

I’ve seen this on audit the audit (iirc) and the department apologized to the guy and returned his gun that they confiscated. But no one was fired that the video mentioned. Just suspended and pending investigation


u/Jack_Bartowski Aug 12 '22

Just suspended and pending investigation

So a paid vacation it is.


u/DStew713 Aug 12 '22

Hahahahaha. Cops don’t get fired for killing people. You think they would fire him for this?

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u/Loves_LV Aug 12 '22

You mean where he resigned, keeps his pension, and quietly starts working in the next hick town over.

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u/greygrey_goose Aug 12 '22

did that cop seriously handcuff him and put him in the back of the cop car without realizing the guy had a gun on him?! what a fucking idiot. hte civilian is absolutely right, people like him are why cops get hurt.

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u/HellYeahTinyRick Aug 12 '22

In general cops seem to be the most insecure, scared people on the planet.


u/[deleted] Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 22 '22


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u/enocules Aug 12 '22

This 100% cop was so scared you can hear it in his voice. Dude was ready to make an irrational decision


u/TheAwkwardBanana Aug 12 '22

The cop was clearly terrified. Any slight "escalation" and he'd probably have his finger on a trigger. What a moron, he has no right to have a weapon on him.

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u/bluedog316420 Aug 12 '22

This guy should not be employed as a police officer


u/traberry Aug 12 '22

What an absolute waste of time and resources.


u/wakers123 Aug 12 '22

Think about how much money the states waste giving the budget to these wastes of oxegyn. Holy fuck.


u/OutdatedElements Aug 12 '22

It’s amazing he considers that a threat.

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u/toproy Aug 12 '22

The guy laughs because HE KNOWS that any lawyer will jump at the opportunity to sue that PD. He complied probably thinking what model of Harley he will give himself and what size diamond he will give his lady.

All sponsored by you... The American Taxpayer. Thank you, come again.

So many right things the driver did. She was attentive, cordial, not only stopped the car in a safe manner but had her papers ready and her hands on the wheel in a completely non menasing posture.

Maybe a kangaroo court would dismiss the case, but that cop has no business anywhere near any position of power. Let alone having a gun.


u/smacklesdown Aug 12 '22

Fuckin scumbag cop.. I dont get why some act like this. Gives all cops a bad reputation. Bro could just shrugged shit off like a normal person. Nope you hurt my feelings now you are arrested.


u/LilFozzieBear Aug 12 '22

Dude had zero authority his entire life but now has a badge and a gun so that's what ya get sometimes...it's total bullshit.

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u/The_Original_Gronkie Aug 13 '22

That cop did EVERYTHING wrong, but maybe the worst thing was when he handcuffed the guy the first time, he put him in the police car without searching him, only to find out later that the guy had been sitting back there with a gun in his pocket. That should get that cop suspended right there.


u/Feeling-Entry6766 Aug 12 '22

You could tell the way he flipped out his telescoping stick he’s been waiting for this moment to prove his manhood to someone for a long time.


u/_pale Aug 12 '22

they’re not made for comfort

yeah they’re also made for actual fucking criminals you dip shit not people questioning why they were pulled over with no proof of speeding provided at that point.

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u/Run_the_Line Aug 12 '22

The full video is even more batshit crazy (this is the passenger's YouTube channel). He had to start a GoFundMe for his legal fund and has posted two follow up videos.

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u/FroggyUnzipped Aug 12 '22

Listen to that pussies voice break when he’s telling the guy to get out of the car the second time.

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u/DowntownEddieBrown Aug 12 '22

That cop should be in jail

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u/JPepski Aug 12 '22

This "cop" is a fucking moron. Beyond the obvious small dick energy, he didn't search him before putting him in the back of his truck the first time. Or read him his rights.


u/Marine_vet_patriot Aug 12 '22

Sure didn't, but did announce the he was under arrest!

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u/holyshocker Aug 12 '22

Probably because he wasn't really going to arrest him. Guy has control issues.


u/JPepski Aug 12 '22

He literally tells him he is under arrest for disorderly conduct when hes pulled out of the car the first time.

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u/z312z Aug 12 '22

I totally believe she wasn't speeding

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u/aaronc2013 Aug 12 '22

This man needs to find another career. Christ


u/BcKurr Aug 13 '22

Unlawful arrest, detainment and seizure of personal property. Violated the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights of a citizen of Missouri. Officer escalated force and lied in an effort to steal an innocent man's lawfully carried firearm after falsely stating a "threat" was made, although the words spoken were Constitutionally protected speech. Linked below is the YouTube channel created by the subject of the traffic stop and includes updates of his attempts to hold the department accountable for the officers actions.



u/Fit-Prune5634 Aug 12 '22

This cop has issues. Should not be a cop. Unreal. Cops are becoming real pointless assholes these days. They either don’t do shit, or create a scenario to where they think they are right and then power trip.


u/drock6933 Aug 12 '22

He’s right cops like that get hurt and deserve to


u/BenjPhoto1 Aug 12 '22

That’s not what he said. He said that this cops behavior is why (other) cops get hurt.

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u/BwackGul Aug 12 '22

Damn, they be so petty.

Omg...I watched more...

I know elementary school kids with better impulse control and anger management.

So gross.

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u/swedishmacgyver Aug 12 '22 edited Aug 12 '22

Anyone got source if anything came out from this? The cop that stopped the people in the car is def not a fit to be in that career, AT ALL

EDIT: Found the passengers YT-channel, explains alot more about the situation and outcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8hzp7_Ed4k

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