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Discussion It is crazy that after 1060 chapters , we still know little to nothing about these guys. Which one do you want to know more about the most ?

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Discussion I get dizzy just from the thought that we're probably gonna see all of these fights in the final saga !!

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Discussion you guys think oda will keep the future strawhat designs like this or change them up a bit when the final happens

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Discussion Thank You Toei: Visually Comparing Episode 1028 with Episode 1033

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Discussion One Piece - Chapter: 1055 Spoilers


Chapter 1,055 Translated Scans

One Piece : Chapter 1055 Summaries Thanks to Redon.

Chapter 1,055: "New Era".

  • This week's Color Spread is "One Piece Film Red" poster drawn by Oda (with Luffy, Shanks and Uta).
  • Chapter starts in the Flower Capital. Nami, Tama and Zeus are enjoying the party and the food.
  • Outside the city, Momonosuke is beaten by Ryokugyuu. Yamato wants to go help him but Momonosuke insists that he must stay out of the fight.
  • Raizou uses his technique "Ninpo: Maki Maki noJutsu" to shoot a fire attack at Ryokugyuu.
  • Ryokugyuu acts as if he's affected by Raizou's attack, but he is joking. Then he uses his technique "Bokarin" (Fireproof Forest) and breaks free from the flames.
  • Ryokugyuu: "You really thought you'd be able to defeat a Marine "Admiral" by relying on such an obvious weakness----!!!"
  • Ryokugyuu stabs Raizou's body with one of his branches and starts sucking out Raizou's nutrients.
  • Kawamatsu tries to help him, but no matter how much branches and roots he cuts, they don't stop growing. Finally Ryokugyuu also catches Denjirou, Kawamatsu and Nekomamushi.
  • Cut to the secret room of Kouzuki Sukiyaki. We see that a secret passageway (that leads to a long stairs) has been opened in the ground. Sukiyaki and Robin are walking down the stairs with Law.
  • Robin asks Law if he has managed to follow her by her scents. Law says he's not a hyena. Law couldn't find Robin with her nakamas at the party, so he searched her.
  • Sukiyaki says he never told Kaidou and Orochi about this passageway. But since one of the important members of the Beasts Pirates (lack) is a Cyojin, it didn't took long for them to find the Poneglyph.
  • Robin asks why a Cyojin would be able to find it. Sukiyaki tells her that it's better they see for themselves.
  • Sukiyaki starts to tell the story of Wanokuni, but Robin interrupts him when she sees a light coming from a hole in the passageway.
  • Robin asks what is that, Sukiyaki tells her that she can go to see what is there, because a glass blocks the water (since they are now depth at the bottom of the sea).
  • Robin crawls through the hole, Law teleports with her. They both look through the glass and see the ruins of an ancient city under the sea.
  • Sukiyaki tells them that ruins are the other land of Wanokuni that existed about 800 years ago. Thanks to it's not seawater, the ruins were preserved in good conditions.
  • Sukiyaki explains what happened to that ancient Wanokuni country (this scene has some panels to show us what happened).
  • A long time ago Wanokuni was a large country (about 3 times larger than present Wanokuni). It was located at the bottom of Mount Fuji, at the same level than the sea.
  • Then at one point in its history, the great walls that surround the island were built and the country was locked up. Rain water began to accumulate and flooded the entire country.
  • After that, rain water reached the highest part of the walls and the water began to fall from them creating the great waterfalls (the ones that Luffy or Big Mom Pirates had to climbed).
  • People decided to abandon the original Wanokuni and built a new country around the mountainside of Mount Fuji, which is the current Wanokuni.
  • The group reach the bottom of the stairs and Sukiyaki opens a secret door that gives access to a large room where the Road Poneglyph is. Robin says that if they can find one more, they will be able to travel to Laugh Tale
  • Sukiyaki says that this room is in a high platform inside the cave at Mount Fuji's base. And deep below is the "Ancient Weapon Pluton".
  • However Sukiyaki has never seen the weapon, so he cannot show Robin and Law where it is.

  • Sukiyaki: "In order to bring "Pluton" out, the walls of Wanokuni must be taken down!!In other words... "Opening the border" is destroy the defensive walls of this country, and it means to "unleashing the Ancient Weapon"!!!"
  • Robin wonders why Kouzuki Oden wanted to do something like that. Sukiyaki says he told them everything that has been passed down through the Shogun's family.
  • Sukiyaki: "I don't know what Oden discovered in his journey at sea..."
  • Back to the outside of the Flower Capital. Ryokugyuu's trapped the Red Scabbards and Yamato, and tells them they can't do anything against Mother Nature.
  • Ryokugyuu says that if Kaidou had continued in the country, he wouldn't have come. Kaidou's reign is what kept enemies away from Wanokuni.
  • Ryokugyuu says to bring him "Straw Hat Luffy". When he takes his head, he will leave the country.
  • Yamato tells Momonosuke they should ask Luffy and the rest for help, since they won't lose against a guy like this.
  • Momonosuke (crying) says that he doesn't need Luffy's or Yamato's help, so he asks Yamato not to offer his help anymore.
  • Momonosuke : "You've been locked up in Onigashima all your life!! But now you're free!!! And that's why I want you to leave!! Luffy, Zoro and the others... I can't always count on their help!! We have to be able to defend ourselves against all enemies... with the people of this country!!!We can't entrust it to those who are about to leave!! If we do... How can we protect our country in the future!!?"
  • Ryokugyuu mocks Momonosuke's childish attitude and says that he never thought a dragon could be so embarrassing.
  • In a moment of desperation, Momonosuke manages to shoot a "Bolo Breath" that passes through Ryokugyuu's tree body.
  • The Red Scabbards and Yamato break free. Ryokugyuu looks at Momonosuke, he can't belive what happened.
  • Yamato cannot believe that Momonosuke has mastered the power of the dragon. Denjirou says that Momonosuke is not aiming very well
  • Momonosuke shoots another "Bobo Breath" at Ryokugyuu and burns his body. However, a small plant grows behind Ryokugyuu's burned body and Ryokugyuu grows up from it again.
  • Ryokugyuu transforms again to continue the battle.

  • Ryokugyuu: 'Ahhhh... Wellif that's the GAME you want to play...Fine, you Kaido Wannabe I'm going to pierce you through the mouth to the tail!!!"
  • Suddenly, black lightning can be seen in the distance. Ryokugyuu feels something is paralyzing him and he screams in pain.
  • Ryokugyuu: "Wahh~~~~.!!Wait, wait!!That's Conqueror's Haki!! Who the hell are you!!What!!? Red Hair Pirates!? And they're this close!?"
  • Red Hair Pirates' ship is still in the sea near Wanokuni. Some of their members ask Shanks to stop or all the rookies are going to faint.
  • Shanks: "I won't say you're despicable !!But a Marine targeting those "new leaves" that just changed pirate history...I think is tasteless."
  • As Shanks says, this we can see some of his memories together with Luffy (when Luffy cuts on his face), Momonosuke (as a child together with Oden), Hiyori (at her birth)... and we also see a silhouette that seems to be Uta (the character from "One Piece Film Red" who is Shank's daughter).
  • Then we see a close-up panel of Shanks. He's very angry.
  • Shanks: 'Are you that afraid of the coming "New Era'?!?"
  • Ryokugyuu returns to his normal form and says he has no intention of fighting Shanks and his crew. At least not now. He finally decides to leave.
  • Yamato celebrates with Momonosuke and the Red Scabbards. Momonosuke cries with joy.
  • In the Flower Capital we see that Brook, Usopp, Chopper and Franky are still in the party with Hiyori and Toko.
  • Outside the city we see that Luffy is sitting on the ground with Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe.
  • Luffy: "He's gone!! Shishishi!!"
  • Sanji: "Looks like they didn't need our help."
  • Zoro: "Momo, I'm impressed..."
  • Jinbe: "But that Haki has been impressive."
  • Luffy: "I know!! What was that?"
  • At the end of the chapter, Luffy smiles while we see Red Hair Pirates' ship is moving away from Wanokuni sea.
  • Luffy: "Somehow, a familiar face popped up in my mind."
  • END


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Discussion It's a shame that in a land full of samurai, all Oda did was prove Kuina completely correct about her dream to be a powerful swordswoman being impossible and pointless.


I'm sure this post will lead to a bunch of people complaining about "headcanon" and "theories" being the only cause for disappointment, but whatever. I don't really care, I feel like this has to get brought up.

Kuina's backstory is pretty damn sad (relatively speaking). She's clearly the best swordsman of the group but she's practically giving up to her fate simply because she's a woman. She sees that she's already getting biologically weaker than the boys and her dad tells her she can't be a master swordsman. Obviously she doesn't get to live to see that dream through because of Fall Down D Stairs, everybody knows that.

It is insanely disappointing that Oda did absolutely nothing to prove her wrong in Wano. Not a single thing. There are no swordswomen in Wano to speak of. Nobody to inspire the next Kuina. Just a big ol' sausage fest. Even Kiku. Kiku is a woman (I'm not arguing otherwise, don't kill me), but biologically Kiku is a male. Meaning it still doesn't prove Kuina wrong at all. For a story where one of the central themes is that you can be who you want no matter what you're born as, to have no swordswomen in all of Wano is insane. Apparently all Kuina's dream is good for is giving Zoro a sword to carry her to the finish line. And like a bunch of character moments for Zoro in Wano, we kinda just... skip talking about it entirely. It's not even a mention. I would have even been fine with like a Shang Chi ending where there weren't a bunch of swordswomen before, but we see them being trained so that when we eventually circle back around they'll be ready. Just SOMETHING to show Kuina's dream is not dead even if it isn't currently a reality. But nope. Oda said fuck Kuina's dream.

And I'm sure the Oda Defense Squad is gearing up for battle ready to defend his honor. I'm sure all of them are ready to blame the genre and not Oda's writing, because nothing Goda does can ever be wrong. But there's no way you can tell me it's the genre's fault that in an arc with like, 200 fucking characters in it, he couldn't create a single strong biological swordswoman to prove Kuina wrong. Not even a little girl who really likes swords and can eventually become strong when the story is over that Zoro can take under his wing. Nothing. In a story that is adamant about how dreams never die, Oda decided Kuina's dream wasn't even really worth the time of day in Wano. He couldn't even let Hiyori get the kill on Orochi, of course Denjiro steps in to save her while she helplessly sits there accepting death. It's such a slap in the face to Zoro and Kuina's backstories that we left Wano without even a hint that her dream can be a reality. And I think it should be talked about more, cause I haven't really seen it brought up that much as we head out of Wano.

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Discussion Is it Weird to Anyone Else that the Straw Hat's don't have Haki Yet?


Zoro and Luffy have all 3. Jinbei and Sanji have the two basic ones. Usopp has observation. The rest don't have it, but they're an Emperors Crew. I expected all seasoned veterans of the New World to have armament and observation. It's a requirement for Vice Admirals. Koby has it. Tashigi has it. Even Helmeppo has it. When will they get haki? Or is Oda just going to keep that exclusive to the stronger members and maybe Usopp?

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Discussion Lets say that for the final arc Oda decided characters can and will die. Who do you think will be on that list on "Not surviving" ?


You don't have give a reason for why, just list some characters you think would/should/could be on the chopping block.

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Discussion The time is 6:30 central time, I am 24 and I think it’s time I found the One Piece. Starting from episode 1 on my first watch through. Wish me luck and say good bye to my sleep schedule.

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Discussion Who do you think currently wins between the mugiwaras and the blackbeard pirates?

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Discussion For those born after One Piece started, what arc were you born during?

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Discussion Could zoro have defeated Arlong (if he wasn’t injured)

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Sometimes i question myself on if zoro could be luffy in east blue and this is where that thought always goes.

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Discussion One Piece: Chapter 1061 - Predictions


Chapter 1061 is just around the corner and it's the perfect time to leave your thoughts and comments on the upcoming chapter.

This thread isn't a place to talk about hints or reaction given by leakers before the spoiler are out. People will start getting banned for sharing those here.


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Discussion One Piece: Chapter 1061 - Theories and Discussion


Chapter 1061

Post all your theories and discussions for the current chapter in this thread. We also have poll related to a question/event of the recent chapter!

Has Vegapunk always been a girl?


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Discussion Chapter 1059 is my favorite and why I will leave this sub.


Honestly this chapter was beyond crazy and yet it felt like we always knew something like this would happen. I just am so amazed by this chapter and find it better than most of the last chapters. But you know what? I think I did not like the previous chapters because of this subs mentality. Constant flaming of oda, constant "why this and not that" and constantly saying that plot xy makes no sense. But in the end oda will clarify everything just like he did some stuff in this chapter. But by reading all this "hateful" content on this sub I actually also started to dislike one piece and agreed with all the flaming. Luckily this chapter opened my eyes and this is why I will leave this sub. I will probably come back when we finally finish this awesome mange. So cya until then, bye bye.

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Discussion One Piece: Chapter 1060 - Theories and Discussion


Chapter 1060

Post all your theories and discussions for the current chapter in this thread. We also have poll related to a question/event of the recent chapter!

What is Luffy's dream?


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Discussion Unpopular opinion: kaido was an awesome villain and is easily in the top 3 best one piece antagonists so far



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Discussion Would you do this?

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Discussion Name this crew!

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Discussion what's your favorite Luffy drip? mine has to be alabasta

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Discussion chapter 1061 waifu debate


Why is everyone on the Vegapunk waifutrain?! I mean... Have we read the same chapter? Have you even seen Doll??!

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Discussion We didn't deserve Whole Cake Island


Do you remember the time people were so hyped for wano after dressrosa, and oda just randomly shat out the best arc he's written in 10 years that subverted his usual arc structure, introduced 85 great character designs, made bege of all people a fan favourite and had a villain who was arguably more noble than Luffy?

Hopefully the same thing happens instead of Elbaf.

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Discussion Black Hair is just too OP

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Discussion Being brutally honest, what exactly was the purpose of this character in Wano?


Now that Wano is over, be brutally honest, what was Yamato's purpose in this arc if she isn't going to join? How much time was spent on this character during the raid that took away from other things?

I want to be clear, I like Yamato. Wanted her to join the crew, personally I thought that the Oni Princess stuff was clearly building up to fleshing her out in Elbaf. But now she's staying. So what exactly was her contribution to the Wano arc that we spent 80 chapters on her starting in the raid? Why did we take time away time from the Straw Hats and other more important characters to build her up and give her a flashback? And the most brutal question; what even changes if Yamato just never existed?

Seriously, the only thing Yamato really contributed to this arc was holding off Kaido for a bit when Luffy got knocked off the roof, right? Maybe I'm missing something, but that's the only thing I can possibly think of. Which certainly doesn't require 80 chapters of Oden impressions and backstories about Ace. It legitimately feels like Yamato's existence was just to sell merch and Oda was baiting and switching the fans to keep it going. Act 3 alone is legitimately one of the longest arcs in One Piece, and we spent about 30 percent of that on Yamato? Why? For what reason?

Like I said, I like Yamato. I'm fine with Yamato staying and would have been fine with Yamato joining. But to have Yamato's decision be offscreened after spending all this time on her, I feel like you have to ask why she even existed in the first place. Almost nothing about this arc changes if Yamato just does not exist at all.

The brutal truth - Yamato is the equivalent of the citizens of Dressrosa stalling Doffy for 10 minutes when Luffy ran out of Gear 4th. Only difference is she has side titties and an Ace cameo.

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Discussion My TOP 15 favorite characters

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