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Traveling LPT: Don't put bumper stickers on your car, they can make you a target for crazies.


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Traveling LPT: The best place to use the restroom on long road trips are the lobby restrooms at mid to high end hotels


I’m on the road a lot for work and I struggle with filthy gas station restrooms that are tended to with Febreze once a fiscal quarter. I don’t know if it’s just a mental block or other people feel the same, but I just lock up in fear.

I’ve found no where more comfortable and inviting than the restrooms on the first floor of all mid-range+ hotels.

Hotels are in every decent sized city I pass. The lobby restroom is usually empty & rarely used beyond check-in time since everyone has a bathroom in their room. They have always been clean and well stocked. You can generally walk right in past the lobby since the receptionist will just assume you’re already a guest of the hotel. And there’s usually another exit if you feel self conscious about walking past the front desk again.

Don’t read past here if you’re going to complain about reading past here

1st Tier (more privacy, less frequent sudden door handle jiggling when you’re in the middle of managing your affairs) - Buc-ee’s - Loves / Pilot / Flying J’s - Most trucker stops - Libraries - Kwik Trip - Churches - Casinos (Mostly agree, it’ll be a 4+ star experience) - Fancy Department Stores at the mall - Cracker Barrel - Hospitals (particularly if you’re there for IBS)

2nd Tier (less privacy, could be out of the way, clean enough) - Grocery Stores (mixed experience here. Brookshire’s is fine. If you’re in CA and still have Lucky’s or Albertsons; pretty gross. Safeway is a hit or miss) - Target - Kohl’s - Sporting Equipment Stores

3rd Tier (single public toilet establishments & acceptable to some of you, but I can’t do it if there are any other choices available) - Portapoties - Camping Gear Sets - Fast Food Restrooms & Subway - Colleges (had a lot of experiences with this in school. Mixed bag. If you go to the school, you probably scoped put the best one. Newly built library? Perfect! The old chem lab? Some floors better than others. - [Warning: Might be sexist] Craft Stores & Joanne’s if you’re a man. Home Depot if you’re a woman. You people (derogatory) said it.

Under review. Currently traveling, will confirm. - Lowe’s (due to insider leak - former employee claims it’s impossible due to 3rd party cleaning company) - McDonald’s…. maybe. Do they have paper towels now or do I still have to use the air dryer and open the door with my sleeve? - Car Dealerships - mixed bag for me on this one. Yes they are normally clean, but if you’re parked on the sales side, that sales dude is gonna be waiting for you at the door.

There’s a population of people like me who have a tough time using the restroom without substantial privacy. I think we’re the same group of people who close the door when we use the restroom at home. Unlike you savages that use the toilet with multiple doors open chit chatting with your kids while you’re watching your bathroom TV and eating Cheetos.

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Traveling LPT don’t waste your time at hotels trying to be nice.


If you stay at a hotel and you are checking out don’t make your bed or try to make it look nice this doesn’t help housekeeping because they have to change the sheets and if you do this it could result in them not changing the sheets and the next person sleeping in dirty sheets. Also you don’t need to wrap all the dirty sheets together just leave it how it is when you get out of bed. Also don’t be a jerk about it but if you just let the front desk know any issues you had with your stay we want to know any issues and sometimes give you a small discount maybe take off your parking if you tell the front desk the issues.

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Traveling LPT: Bring black electrical tape with you if you are staying in a hotel room or a series of hotel room to temporarily tape over all the annoying glowing standby lights from TV, fridge, air conditioning, radio, phone, thermostat, alarms etc… it’s easy to remove too.


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Traveling LPT: Most cars with push button start rely on the key fob with a working battery. So always keep a spare in the car!



I learned it the hard way with my Mazda 3. In the middle of the night I was at a petrol station and my key fob battery gave up. This meant the push button could no longer turn on the car engine. The little store at the service station didn't have the CR2025 batteries. Neither did the supermaket 1 km down the road, but I finally found it from a third store. Made sure to get a pack and now keeping the spare in the car for when this happens again in the future :)

EDIT: I did try the workaround of pushing the button with the key fob itself. I'm not sure if that requires the key fob battery to still have some life in it, because unfortunately it didn't work for me. The push button light remained red and the engine didn't start. FYI the video explainer Link Here.

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Traveling LPT- Write your phone number on side of your child's sole.


If your kid gets lost in public space they can go to any adult they find and they can call you right away. If child gets lost it's intense situation for them, most likely they will forget phone number that you have teached them in flood of emotions.

Helped friend of mine in big shopping center.

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Traveling LPT: Bring a power strip with you on vacation. Hotels rarely have enough outlets for all the stuff we need to plug in and charge these days.


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Traveling LPT: Pay attention when someone flashes their high beams at you


If you are driving down the road and a passing car flashes their high beams at you give extra attention to your surroundings. There could be a police officer around the next turn, an accident over the next hill, a slow moving vehicle or buggy around a blind curve or a fallen limb from a tree on the road. Don’t slam on your breaks; just give a little extra attention to the road and your surroundings.

If it keeps happening though; check to see if your light or car is the problem. Maybe you forgot to turn your lights on when getting into the car before the sun went down. Maybe you left your high beams on and are making it hard for others to see. Perhaps your low beams need adjusted to better aim on the road and not at oncoming traffic. Or perhaps there’s a person or object surfing on top of your car and you had no clue.

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Traveling LPT: If you're not in a hurry, take the scenic route. Discovering new places and experiencing the road less traveled is its own reward.


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Traveling [LPT] Stuck sleeping in your car in a small, remote town? Want a nice, clean restroom? Try the local courthouse.


I frequently sleep in my car when I’m road-tripping through the rural United States, and some of the gas station bathrooms are just absolutely nasty. I’ve lately taken to using local small county courthouse/administration building bathrooms. They’re usually open early, they seldom have anyone else in them, and they’re usually very clean.

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Traveling LPT: If you lock your keys in your vehicle don’t call a locksmith, call the non-emergency police line.


I learned this the hard way. A lot of times, the police department still has them carry around unlock kits. Most times, they will unlock your car for free. If you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford a locksmith, this can help a lot.

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Traveling LPT: If you pay to put air in your car tires at a gas station, "truck stops" have free air in the back.


Speedway, Buc-ees, etc usually have dedicated diesel pumps around back for 18 wheelers. And more often than not, each pump has its own free air line. If there's not a line of trucks waiting on fuel, pull through and air up for free instead of paying $2 for 60 seconds of compressed air around front.

EDIT: Spelling/ Yes, it is obviously a much wiser choice to invest in an air pump than feed a machine quarters, yet there are still people without one, and this is for them.

Also, as usual, the real LPT is always in the comments. Apparently a few states require compressed air to be free, but you have to ask for it, otherwise it is assumed you are willing to pay for no reason. The comment section here is a bountiful treasure trove of free air spots and tricks. Worth a read IMHO. Good stuff.

P.S. To those who say "a TrUcK CoMpReSsOr is dangerous because they achieve HiGhEr PrEsSuReS" that's not how compressed air works. Just because your car is capable of driving 100 Mph does not mean that is the speed you drive at. If you can't help yourself from overinflating your own tire, that's on you. (My crappy backup $15 compressor I keep in the car will make 110 psi, there is no such thing as a "more dangerous compressor" for a certain tire, just a more capable one.)

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Traveling LPT: If you need to cancel a hotel reservation, but are unable to because of a 24 hour policy, call the company and move your reservation to a later date. Call back within a few days and cancel for no charge.


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Traveling LPT: Change your bedsheets to clean ones before you leave for vacation. When you come back your room will smell a little cleaner and you’ll be extra comfortable when you finally sleep in your own bed.


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Traveling LPT: Screenshot/photo an AirB&B listing BEFORE booking


I just had a listing that said free cancelation prior to to a certain date/time. I was well within this and when I tried to cancel Air tried to insist that I only get partial refund. Thankfully I had a photo of the listing showing free cancellation before X time, without it I would have lost money because their "system says otherwise".

Don't trust them not to change details/terms after you book!

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Traveling LPT: Former Flight Attendant Shares Packing and Suitcase Tips


Put your contact information into every single bag you are checking, in every exterior pocket as well as interior. Bags can get torn to bits in the machines that move the bags, the conveyor belts can tip them to the ground, and more. Better they have a way to contact you.

Fragile Items need to go in the center of the suitcase, not the bottom or the top. That way, if your bag is loaded standing or laying down in the cargo hold, your fragile items have a chance of making it to the destination.

Get a proper suitcase lock. Not one of those little crap locks from the dollar store that can literally be opened with a strong pull or a nail clipper. Not everyone at the airline is honest.

Suitcase cover. Get them from Amazon or wherever. Get the tackiest, brightest one you can find, not the basic black. Makes identifying your bag easier, and for those who are wanting to steal your stuff, a little longer to get at. Same for car seats. They are sold to keep the bag clean, but to me they are a defense layer.

Take photos of valuables, such as electronics and similar even if you are carrying the bag onto the plane. Also take pictures of the suitcase. Note the brand, too. You'll need that info if your bag is lost.

Address labels. I get it. No one writes letters anymore. Get some. Put them on the underside of your suitcase, etcetera. Why? If someone accidentally grabs your bag, you can point to the address label on the bottom.

Get rid of all of the past trip zebra strips on your luggage. We get it, you've been to other places in the world. Don't make the baggage handlers job any harder by having to figure out which tug to send your bag to. I'm addition, the top of your suitcase should not be a place for all the tags and decor. That is stuff the conveyor belts can grab and destroy your bag. Don't use yarn or ribbon either. Same reason.

Check your wheels, zippers and handles on the bag. Don't make last minute repairs hoping everything will be OK. Either get it repaired or replaced before your trip.

Don't over pack your bag. Your bag will be in a cargo hold with literal tons of other bags. Weight on the outside and weight on the inside may be a recipe for disaster.

Keep your bag with you and next to your body at all times. I have personally stopped countless people from trying to take someone else's bag at the airport. If you have a carry-on with you and you are sitting somewhere like a restaurant, bags go in a seat or under the table. Never use a restaurant provided bag storage place!!!!! If you are seated in the terminal, the bags go under your knees, not to your side.

Liquids. You can take any liquid with you in the ziploc bag with your carry on. I have taken liquor mini's with me to carry home for friends, in the original bottle, (on my personal travel.) I have carried chocolate syrup for use at an ice cream bar at the airport that never has any, I have carried hydrogen peroxide for use of undergarments during my period, I have carried homemade maple syrup and honey from a friend, countless things.

Don't check your medicine, whether it is over the counter or prescription. Flights get delayed, bags get lost, stuff happens. Carry your medicine.

Whether you are checking a bag or not, get to the airport in time for you to process through security as well as your bag. If the cabin is full, you may have to check your bag at the gate.

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Traveling LPT Take picture's of your passport when traveling.


Probably has been said a million time but when traveling/working abroad take pictures of your important documents specially your passport. Today doing so saved me and my wife in 2 different instances. My wife forgot her passport when going for in-processing to her new job. Had a picture of her passport in my email and they accepted the phone picture as proof. Later today I forgot my wallet in my office and went to get gas without realizing. Pumped £80 of diesel to my surprise of not having the wallet or any identification. Lucky enough I had my passport picture in the same email and the gas station wrote a voucher to pay later and the attendant used my passport pictire as identification.

Always have copies or pictures of your important documents.

Edit: *pictures not picture's. Additional LPT. Carry a dictionary with you.

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Traveling LPT: If you’re flying to another country, take a pen so you can complete the customs declaration on the plane


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Traveling LPT: When flying, put a Tile or other Bluetooth tracker in your bags. You’ll always know where they are.


Just flew from Asia to the US and was able to see where my bags were at all times. I could even tell when they were on the plane, since my phone could connect to them (obviously depends on the plane).

This trick really shines when you’re trying to find your bag in a sea of luggage on the floor.

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Traveling LPT: If you must walk down a street without sidewalks, walk on the side where the vehicular traffic is facing you.


Never have the traffic nearest you at your back.

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Traveling LPT: Be nice to your bus driver. There may be a time when you're running for the bus and he/she has to make the decision to stop or pretend not to see you.


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Traveling LPT: When you travel, bring something that smells good but that you’ve never used before — like a new perfume or a scented candle. You can condition yourself to associate a certain smell with your vacation, and you’ll be able to viscerally remember your travels years later by smelling that scent.


Photos are great, but nothing beats being able to close your eyes and feel like you’re really there again. I personally recommend a body scent like perfume or cologne (or even a new deodorant) over an object like a scented candle so that you can take the scent with you wherever you go in your travels, rather than only being able to smell it in your hotel room.

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Traveling LPT: no matter what you're current circumstances are, you should have a personal "bug out" bag.


Maybe your best friend invites you to a great party, or maybe your relative has a medical emergency. Perhaps your car breaks down, or your house catches fire. There's too many reasons to list why you should always have a bag tailored to your needs with all the essentials.

Some things worthwhile to have in it are sweet or savory snacks, a phone charger, socks, underwear, toiletries, first aid, any prescription medications, cash and visa gift card, so on and so forth. This is not a conclusive list by any means.

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Traveling LPT: Always politely ask for a discount rate when you book a hotel room


I do a lot of last minute travelling as part of a side gig. Every time I get a hotel room, I am friendly and pleasant, and always ask if there is any kind of discount they can offer me. Sometimes there isn't anything they can do, which is fine. But almost always, I wind up with a discount or upgrade of some kind. Today I got $100 off!

The most important part is being unfailingly polite to the person on the phone or behind the counter. It isn't entirely in their control to give you a discount, but I have always found that if I am nice, they go to the very limits of what they are allowed to discount, or they upgrade me in lieu of a discount.

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Traveling LPT Keep an emergency sanitary kit in your car for the lady in your life


If you have a lady in your life keep a couple of tampons, sanitary pads and a spare pair of underwear in a sandwich bag and put it in your glove box.

That way you're always ready if she is caught short when out and about

Edit: I think something has gotten lost in translation here. 'lady in your life' refers typically to girlfriend/wife' so we're not talking about giving random strangers random underwear here.