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LPT: Don't read any article with someone being "SLAMMED" in the title. It's designed to make you mad and get on the hate train. Skip the clickbait - you'll be happier.


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LPT: wanna consistently hit the gym? (Or any other habit)


The hard part of going to the gym is the “going” so let’s make that easier: for the next month, you only have to go there, no working out, not even one pushup. Just go there and go straight home afterwards. It should only take a couple of minutes depending on how far from your home the gym is. Do this twice a week and by the end of the month you got yourself a habit. You might feel like you are not accomplishing much… but you are! You are building the habit!

I did this and I haven’t stopped going to the gym since I started going half a year ago.

Make it easy, make it rewarding, make it straightforward. [atomic habits is the book to read to learn more]

[edit] Awesome! I had no idea this was gonna blow up to this extent. A lot of people in the comments have already pledged to get started with it! Best of luck to y’all and hope to see your gains in the future!!

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LPT - One of the most important questions you can ask in a debate/argument is, “What proof or evidence would it take to change your mind/opinion?” If they can’t give you an answer or if they refuse to accept the evidence that they asked for, then quit wasting your time arguing with that person.


Inspired by Neil deGrasse Tyson

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LPT Hotel Pillow Trick


I travel a bit for work, and when I’m home I sleep best with a somewhat firm pillow that supports my head. At most hotels the pillows are to be incredibly soft, and I feel like my head sinks almost all the way down. For me at least, it’s hard to sleep like this. I’d bring my own pillow, but they are usually too bulky for air travel.

So here’s my trick: I take one of the large bath towels, fold it to be about the same rectangular size as the pillow, and carefully tuck inside the pillow case with the pillow itself. If I do it right, it’s not lumpy at all but is completely flat inside. This adds a bit of firmness and prevents my head from sinking like a stone!

Anyway, it helps me, hopefully it’s useful for someone else…

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LPT: If someone slights/insults you publicly during a meeting, pretend like you didn't hear them the first time and politely ask them to repeat themself. They'll either double-down & repeat the insult again, making them look rude & unprofessional. Or they'll realize their mistake & apologize to you.


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LPT: If your dog gets out, or you see a dog who is running from its owner, instead of chasing it, crouch down with open arms and call to the dog. If you are chasing it, the dog will think you are playing a game.


I’ve used this on my own dogs, and helped strangers who have been chasing their own dog. Use this tip and you’ll (hopefully) never have to deal with the agony of running after your dog in panic. If you’re chasing a dog, it definitely thinks you are playing a game. Honestly I don’t know the psychology of it but crouching down like you want to greet them will make them come to you!

Edit: lots of great advice in the comments. Alternatives to crouching down: opening car door, laying/falling down, and running the other way so they chase you. And sure this might not work for every single dog, but I think it definitely works for the majority! Might as well try it before commencing the panic chase.

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LPT: For a quick, general conversion from C° to F° — multiply by 2, add 30.


This works well enough for a good bracket of typical temperatures; I'm not recommending in regards to cooking or anything really important.

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LPT: If you want to clean your room but procrastinate, invite someone. In anticipation of a visitor, you will find the motivation to make your room its best version.


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LPT: keep your mouth shut, and don't volunteer information


I had a phone interview scheduled this morning, but accidentally slept through it. When I got up and saw that I missed it, I had the desperate urge to call and offer up excuses, in the hope that maybe, just maybe, they'd be understanding and give me another chance.

Instead, all I did was apologize and ask if we could reschedule. That's it, one sentence, no additional information, no explanation or excuse as to why I missed the first interview.

They replied within 20 minutes, apologizing to ME, saying it was probably their fault, that they'd been having trouble with their computer system for days, and of course I could reschedule, was I available that afternoon?

Don't ever volunteer information, kids. You never know what information the other party has, and you can always give information if asked for it later.

Edit: I still get notifications when people comment. Keep them coming, I'm glad I've helped you out :)

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We call upon Reddit to take action against the rampant Coronavirus misinformation on their website.

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LPT: Before thanking someone for doing a chore, praise their work


"Thanks for mopping the floor" is dry. "Wow, the floor looks so shiny! Thanks for mopping it" is better.

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LPT: Don't use the term "money shot" when referring to your most important slide on a Zoom call with 300 people.


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LPT: Tired of ads? Get uBlock origin.


Like an idiot, I didn’t get it until a couple of weeks ago for no reason at all. Avoid ads, all ads, for free! Available on all web browsers and in all private modes, and takes 5 seconds to download. In the three weeks I’ve had it, 19,371 ads were blocked. You don’t realize how many ads you see until you don’t see them anymore. Unusable websites are now usable. Just get it.