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Home & Garden LPT: Forget about big cleaning days. Just do it more frequently instead!


I'm telling this to those who procastrinate on cleaning and end up having cleaning days that take hours.

Seriously, this is the number one rule of house cleaning. Do it frequently and you will end up making it a habit.

It's way easier to keep it tidy when you do it more frequently in smaller portions.

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Miscellaneous LPT Request: how to stop my neighbor's cat from pooping in my yard?


Title pretty much says it all. The issue is that I am not 100% certain that it is their cat. We have a stray cat in the neighborhood that roams freely and may have gotten a liking to poop in my yard. The best way to find out is to install a camera. What can I do once I figure out? What is the best way to prevent the cat from entering the yard?

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Miscellaneous LPT: Mindset matters over everything


I’ve learned that the only way to overcome my thoughts and feelings like I can’t do anything in my life is through a lot of mindset reframing and reflecting.

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Miscellaneous LPT: If it really was that easy, everyone would be doing it.


My mother always told me this phrase multiple times throughout my life.

Are you struggling with getting a degree? Of course that's normal. If it was really that easy to get one, everyone would have a phd.

Are you having difficulties saving enough money to travel the world or climbing the corporate ladder? That's normal. If it was easy, everyone would travel the world and be a manager.

Wanting to start a company or get rich by trading? Stay realistic. If it was that easy. Everyone would be a millionair CEO or would be trading.

Found some sort of easy way to make money? It probably doesn't work or requires a lot of effort. Otherwise everyone would use this way.

This mantra always helped me to put my struggles into perspective and stay realistic on a variety of subjects. If something seems to big of a challenge it's normal for it to be a challenge. If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

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Traveling LPT: Travel Tuesday bargains can have hidden fees or date restrictions that make them less of a bargain or difficult to redeem.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Take Vitamin D in the morning, especially if you're having trouble staying awake in the day and sleeping at night


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Traveling LPT: If you're worried about someone out and about, ask them to notify you when they're leaving a location. If something happens, you'll be able to tell the authorities straight away the last known location and direction.


I have two younger sisters. They don't always want to share location with me because they have a right to their own privacy. All I ask is that they just let me, or someone at home know when they're leaving certain locations. On a previous close call, it allowed me to tell authorities exactly when they left a location and where they were going.

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Miscellaneous LPT don't wait for a reason to go kiss your mom and dad


Do it now!

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Miscellaneous LPT: If you need a quick free access to a quiet area where you can focus on your work, look into University campuses in your area. By far most of these are free access and have a lot of working spaces for students and teachers to focus.


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Arts & Culture LPT: Someone ask you what you want for Christmas? Ask for something you need, something you want, and something you've always wanted to try.


With the holidays coming around, people are constantly asking for gift ideas. If you have trouble writing a list, you can use these tips to help create a few ideas. The best Christmas lists have things of varying price points and draw equally from these three categories

  1. Something you need: What is something you are going to buy anyway, but you can instead ask for for Christmas? Favorite gloves getting a hole? Coffee grinder held together with duct tape? Ask for a new one for Christmas!
  2. Something you want: What is something you've want, but didn't have the budget to get? A $50 hair product? Something for a hobby? Yet another tool you would love to have but would only use a few times? Can't justify spending money on something, but still really want it? Ask for it for Christmas!
  3. Something you've always wanted to try: What is something new you always wanted to try? A board game you heard is fun, a hobby you've never tried, a cool productivity gadget you saw on tiktok? Use your Christmas list to expand your horizons and try new things!

Finally, make sure you ask for things from all price points. Try to have a few high price items, as well as a few things under $10 and in the $10-$25 range.

Edit: this is just meant to serve as a exercise and some questions to ask yourself to help create some good ideas for your Christmas list, so you don't end up with stuff you don't really want/need.

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Productivity LPT: Take a good picture of your kids before going to a busy place (like an amusement park or a sports arena). If they get lost, a photo will show exactly how they look and what they are wearing.


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Traveling LPT: Drive Behind Semi-Trucks For Less Stress


If you are on the freeway for a long time, find a semi-truck that is traveling at the posted semi-truck speed (usually 10-15 MPH lower than everyone else).

Turn on Cruise Control and go 1 MPH slower than the truck with a safe following distance.

  1. If an accident occurs, the Semi Truck is the world's best battering ram that will utterly annihilate anything that you would have normally hit with your car. As a bonus, because you have a safe following distance, you will have all the time in the world to slow down and avoid any damage to yourself.

  2. No one will tailgate you. They will see the massive semi-truck in front of you, and all road-rage will dissipate. The people behind you will know that their fight isn't with you - it's with the 80 Ton block of steel in front of you (they will lose that fight). They pass you quickly - eliminating any threat of you being rear ended.

  3. You will save money. The difference of gas consumed going 60 MPH vs going 70 MPH is roughly 15%, all to save a couple of minutes of time at most along with all the stress of dealing with tailgaters and chaotic traffic.

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Careers & Work LPT if you have a job where you are paid sick, always take an extra day even if you feel better.


Edit: talking from a UK experience in careers where we are paid sick.

Edit2: please see the title that has been the same from the beginning. /if you have a job where you are paid sick/. I’m not talking about jobs where you need to save sick days or earn them.

Speaking as a teacher who’s made this mistake too many times after picking up classroom illnesses - where you have to call in every day poorly, call in still the day you feel better. Your body still needs time to rest. Yes you feel better today because you have rested, however if you go in you are setting yourself up to feel awful again. Take that day to continue chilling, eating and sleeping well. Maybe catch up on some work from home if you feel too guilty or it’ll affect you detrimentally afterwards to not. But don’t go in. It is better to have one extra day off than have another week giving 50% because you pushed it too quickly. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for many jobs under capitalism, or in the US mostly, where you don’t get paid sick or are punished for days off.

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Request LPT: What are some great ways to make money on the side?


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Miscellaneous LPT: Always return a car borrowed from a friend in better condition than when it was lent to you.


Someone's car is extremely important/necessary to most, if not all people's lives and it's important to respect that.

Return it with a full tank of gas or cleaner than when it was lent to you.

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Miscellaneous LPT: If you have trouble falling asleep, waking up at night, or having restless leg syndrome. Try getting foods and drinks with more iron, it helped me a lot.


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Productivity LPT: Do you ever feel like you keep rushing things at work? Be early! Keep your priorities!


I'm serious. Just wake up a little earlier and have time for yourself. Just 5 minutes to organize things in your head. Don't rush to work, just keep an enjoyable pace.

As weird as it sounds. Having a clear head and a good pace will often make you faster than being in a hurry all day.

Give yourself time to think about how you do it. This is what it means to be prepared and many people forget this somehow. It can be life changing to tackle different days differently and not just head on.

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Productivity LPT, Phone needs to go!


I have noticed a few problems as of late.

Phone is taking to much time out of my day with social media.

I spend to much on in app purchases.

It is getting in the way of quality time with family.

I want to downgrade my phone to a level where I can't really play any type of game but keep gps I do not need internet and don't want any social media.

Are there any phones that can do this? I just noticed that this nasty cancer in my hand is the crux of many of my life's issues due to my own poor impulse control and want to fix it

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Food & Drink LPT: Chin up for tablets, chin down for capsules.


I take a variety of vitamins, and realized that trying to swallow the ones that float by tilting my chin down was much easier, and tilting up for the solid tablets allowed them to simply drop down, as expected.

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Miscellaneous LPT: placing an order at Amazon or other online retailer doesn’t mean you’re done with holiday shopping - they can cancel at any time.


Until an item ships and you are charged, online retailers such as Amazon reserve the right to cancel for any reason - including being able to sell the item for more. I just had Amazon cancel an order placed November 1st only to have them re-list the item at a much higher price. With inflation and supply shortages (see Covid and unrest in China), I wouldn’t trust any online order until it’s shipped.

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Social LPT: If you're dropping someone off at their house, make sure they can get in before driving away.


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Productivity LPT: Staying Awake


When you find yourself dozing off and need to keep your attention focused, try tickling the roof of your mouth with your tongue. While it sounds ridiculous, the sensation keeps your awake and present.

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Food & Drink LPT: Whenever you buy a new plastic bottle of honey, transfer it immediately to a glass jar or container, so when the honey eventually hardens, you could either spoon out some honey or microwave the entire jar instead of throwing away an unusable plastic bottle of hardened honey.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Have 2 signatures to protect against ID fraud


Have a format signature for important matters (e.g. banking, insurance) and another signature for everyday matters (attendance-taking, signing on cards). This adds a layer of protection against identity fraud in the long run.

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Food & Drink LPT: Use binder clips when sealing bags of food instead of plastic “chip clips.” They sturdy, can withstand changes in temperature w/o getting brittle, come in tons of sizes, and are relatively cheap!


Every clip that I have bought that was designed specifically for this purpose has eventually broken. I always keep a couple of binder clips in a kitchen drawer for backup that have always been super reliable, then it hit me - JUST USE BINDER CLIPS!!!

I’m certain many have already made this life-altering discovery years ago. I wanted to do my part to help those who are still in the dark!