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LPT: Don’t fill in email recipients in the “To” line until you’re ready to send that email Removed: Repost/Unoriginal

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u/cyberhck Sep 29 '22

In gmail you can set a buffer period. You can click undo send and it won't send (keeps email in memory temporarily)


u/subbbup Sep 30 '22

Came here to say this, it's a life saver.


u/EngineerJayme Sep 30 '22

You can do this on outlook too, set a rule to wait 2 minutes before sending and it will sit in the outbox until its time


u/JackOfTheJacks Sep 30 '22

This is still a good best practoce in case you are sending emails from new accounts or admin clears rules at work.

You can do this in outlook as well but if you ever switch to browser the rules dont cary over. Always good to have a 2 minuet fileter on your outbounds but this will still save you in so many situations. CTLR enter is just such a cmon typing error when trying to move quickly through formating an email


u/Goombhabwey Sep 29 '22

Thanks for the weekly reminder.


u/pewpewpewman1 Sep 30 '22

Seriously- I’ve seen this a hundred times on here.


u/GypsyBagelhands Sep 29 '22

If replying, I put a long string of xxxxxxxx or whatever in the to field so the email will not send til I remove them


u/chocarpeggio Sep 29 '22

Yep this is the right way. Sometimes u need a lot of recipients and that’s part of the drafting process too


u/deltajuliet57 Sep 29 '22

I type my draft in my notes first and copy paste to the email once it's ready. I do the same sometimes when messaging on my phone to avoid accidentally sending


u/siler7 Sep 29 '22

This is the real LPT. If it's even slightly important, get it right.


u/blay12 Sep 29 '22

I mean, it's essentially doing the exact same thing as writing it in an email window with no recipients or subject...I generally do it in Outlook (or occasionally Word if it's going to be long/involved from a formatting standpoint) just because formatting is waaay better than in notepad/sticky notes.


u/deltajuliet57 Sep 30 '22

I do that too when it's a new email/message.

But this one is helpful for when you're replying to an existing email thread (which is the case for me most of the time) and you don't want to accidentally hit send.


u/SeaMousse436 Sep 29 '22

or add Any random text after the email id so you are prompted of an error whenever u hit send..


u/cryospam Sep 29 '22

Right, if it's an important email, I write those in word and paste in.


u/cryospam Sep 29 '22

This is a massively good LPT, but this has been reposted over and over.


u/KinkyHuggingJerk Sep 29 '22

In Outlook, and some other email apps, you can set a delay timer so messages don't go out immediately - letting you add that 'last second' item you forgot about, or delete a message you realized was worded too harshly.


u/LifeIsProbablyMadeUp Sep 29 '22

This gets posted every other week.


u/DexBox360 Sep 29 '22

In my experience in IT and the number of frantic requests I've seen to recall emails, it should be.


u/hacksoncode Sep 29 '22

LPT: Check first if you're posting the most common LPT ever.


u/iliveoffofbagels Sep 30 '22

it bears repeating. Nobody is going to look for a LPT they don't know they don't know in the LPT search bar. It gets a new batch of people that weren't there the first time around


u/kwadd Sep 29 '22

I always do this. To add to it: make sure you've attached whatever you wanted to before you add the recipients. Of course, these days most clients scan your email and if you've said "attached" or some such, it'll warn you beforehand that you've forgotten to attach anything.

Still, good practice to do it.


u/eddyathome Sep 29 '22

Definitely this. I personally attach the document before typing anything.


u/TheHealadin Sep 29 '22

I have someone to attach documents for me.


u/Atomsteel Sep 29 '22

LPT: repost high rated posts to this sub every other day for karma.


u/Hambulance Sep 29 '22

*every day


u/Ste73n Sep 29 '22

I have a 2-min delay on all my sent emails to avoid this. They sit in my Outbox for 2 mins. It’s easy to set up as a rule in Outlook. Not sure about Gmail etc


u/meexley2 Sep 29 '22

WE FUCKING KNOW. Nothing original on here anymore I swear


u/Gargomon251 Sep 29 '22

Why are people clicking send before they are ready to send?

How do you even do that accidentally? That's like putting on your pants before your underwear


u/Roygbiv856 Sep 29 '22

There's a lot of terrible tips in this sub, but this really is a good one


u/TomInSilverlake Sep 29 '22


I also type angry emails I know I will never send and let them sit in drafts until the anger fades. Does wonders for my peace of mind.

Nothing like telling a coworker how you feel about them microwaving tuna casserole, but without the drama that would arise from telling a coworker how you feel about them microwaving their tuna casserole....


u/BigPZ Sep 29 '22

97 percent of the emails I send are replying to other emails. The "To" line is prefilled


u/timmun029 Sep 29 '22

I’ve once filled in the cc addresses but left the To field blank thinking it wouldn’t send until I put names in there. Finished the email and sent it and it actually went out to the cc’d people. Embarrassing when I had to resend it and add the people to the To field 🤦🏻‍♂️


u/rafterman1976 Sep 29 '22

And add attachments first


u/ShaneIyer Sep 29 '22

I simply put an asterisk in the To or CC section. Don’t know if this works in the gmail web version but certainly works in outlook.


u/dgi99 Sep 29 '22

I am doing it for a couple of years now 😁


u/aExpat3 Sep 29 '22

Inversely, if your email provider has a "Delay" function enable it for the max length. I have my work email set to delay sends by 1 minute. Giving me room to unsend if necessary.


u/Shoddy_Ad_1750 Sep 29 '22

Also, add the attachment BEFORE writing the email


u/arci93 Sep 29 '22

Just write random characters (asdasd works like a charm) in the to or cc field other than the expected recipients and the email won’t send!


u/AsianPastry Sep 29 '22

Adding to this post - a lifesaver for me has also been to put a delay on all outgoing emails. Mine currently has a 30sec. Delay. If I forget to attach something or need to correct my spelling - or a third thing - i can always stop the email and fix it.

That combined with the ‘don’t fill in email recipient until ready to send’ has saved my professional life too many times.


u/AngreeAlpaca Sep 30 '22

Yes!! I always write the email first then add the receipts. Great tip.


u/MIANNICE Sep 30 '22

Set a 1 min email delay. Life changing. Make the rule so any normal priority message sends after 1 min. If you're on the phone with someone and need to send immediately, use H.I.


u/scienceGuyWOW Sep 30 '22

I put the email addresses at the top of the email, like just above Hi John Doe, Then move them when I’m ready to send :)


u/GulfM7R Sep 30 '22

LPT: Add recipients to emails you're writing so you can find them later in your drafts.


u/[deleted] Sep 30 '22

This is brilliant


u/YadaYadaYou Sep 30 '22

I worked as an administrator in HR. So many times I had typed out a flame email but purposely did not enter recipients until I was finished by which time I had gathered my wits and ended up not sending the email. Very therapeutic, highly recommend!!!


u/AndrewTheAverage Sep 30 '22

Better idea

Fill in the To line that way you know exactly who it is going to as you are composing the message, but ..

put DO NOT SEND:::: in the to list. The email wont send until it can work out who that address is so it will block until you are ready to send it and remove that from the recipients


u/TheGhettoKidd Sep 29 '22

Happened to me once. Important email.