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LPT: If an insurance company denies a claim section as "not in your policy"- double check. Finance

I had hail damage from a big storm this spring and my insurance is trying to balk at a provision that requires them to cover any replacement costs if an ordinance has changed since installation of the original siding. They told me that it wasn't covered in my policy, but when I reviewed my policy last night (and confirmed with my insurance agent this morning,) it is covered in my policy, along with siding matching. This may have saved me close to 10k, so definitely double check your policy if you're told something isn't included.


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u/Direct-Figure6192 Sep 28 '22

in my country (not us) companies exist with the sole purpose of dealing with insurancy claims in your name. with no cost to you. do they have this in the us, as well?


u/brs123456 Sep 28 '22

In the US you can higher independent adjusters but they will take a fee equal to some percentage of what they get you. So usually not worth it on claims until you get over $100k or so.

The adjuster my boss hired had a fee equal to 25% of the total. It still ended up being worth it because the left over was higher than what my boss could get by themselves.


u/meapet Sep 28 '22

Agents will sometimes but usually it's just you and the adjuster.


u/36-3 Sep 29 '22

My mom had a big tree in her yard which blew over in a storm and crushed the neighbor’s garage. Her insurance company says it was “an act of God” and wouldn’t cover it. After she got a lawyer, they relented.


u/TheyCallMeAK Sep 29 '22

Ordinance & Law coverage is a separate endorsement. Not everyone elects to carry the additional coverage. If you decline the coverage, you are responsible for the costs to bring the repairs to code. Always carry O&L coverage.


u/meapet Sep 29 '22

Yes but its more the point to double check that if they're denying something saying you don't have it in the policy, they aren't just trying to pull the wool over your eyes. I have the coverage, and they were trying to tell me and my contractor I didn't.


u/wlnteg Sep 29 '22

Taking a read through the terms is very worthwhile. My insurance covered my motorcycle's towing "to the nearest qualified mechanic"
I broke down 6 hours from home and the nearest mechanic authorized by Ducati for work was 3 hours the other direction from my house. About 5 hours of jumping up the managerial chain because I knew what my policy covered, and Bob's Bike shop isn't going to cut it for a blown Italian engine. Ended up getting that tow.

Best $20/year I could add


u/towaway_sport Sep 29 '22

If you feel your insurance company isn't giving you a fair shake, or you aren't sure your understanding of your policies match the interpretation of the insurance company ... just know that in all 50 U.S. states and all U.S. territories, there is an insurance department/commissioner/division in the state or territorial government. That department will have a consumer division where you can ask them to review your policy, the complaint, etc. and if they feel the insurance company isn't behaving appropriately, they will advocate for the consumer (no charge to you.) If they feel the insurance company IS following terms of the policy, they'll explain it and give you peace of mind that you aren't being misled.


u/meapet Sep 29 '22

Excellent tip to know. Thank you!!!